8 habits for a good night sleep

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Can’t sleep at night? 8 Habits to Build a Better Night’s Sleep Sleep, along with training and nutrition, is one of the three pillars of a healthy body. Each pillar is as equally important as the others, and if even one of them is neglected, your body will never function to it’s true potential. Despite the importance of a restful night’s sleep, the statistics made available to us from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a large percentage of the U.S. population simply doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep each night. In fact number of sleep deprived citizens is estimated to be between 50-70 million people. This is a problem because a lack of sleep will quickly mess up your hormonal profile, including the lowering of key muscle-building and recovery hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. This alone will leave you more prone to putting on fat, slow your recovery, and make gains in both strength and muscle hard to come by. The key to improving both your quantity and quality of sleep is developing better bedtime habits. By doing this, you will teach your body that it’s time to shut down for the night, and markedly improve your sleep quality over the long term – without the need for pills, prescriptions, or even expensive sleep apnea tests. Outlined below are actionable steps that you can take immediately in order to better prepare your body for sleep. Give these wind down tricks a trial for at least one week and I’m sure sleep quality will improve out of sight. If it doesn’t improve in the first week, don’t worry. Different people respond to habitual intervention at different rates, and you might just need to give it a little longer.

1) Set a regular bedtime. Remember, building better habits is a crucial part of improving sleep quality, and one of those habits is going to bed around the same time each and every night. When sleep becomes a part of a regular routine, then falling asleep on time becomes infinitely easier.

2) Make your bedroom as dark as possible. Think about it – we were designed to sleep in dark caves, with no artificial light around us. Our sleep is markedly improved when we lay in a room that is pitch black. The less light you can let in to your room, the better. Sometimes, even a dull glow from an alarm clock is enough to disrupt our sleep patterns, so aim to get rid of every little bit of light from your room.

3) Turn off all electronic devices an hour or two before bed. This means no laptop, no TV, no iPad/Pod, or anything else before bed. The luminous displays from said electronic devices have been shown to suppress melatonin production – a key ingredient to a good night’s rest.

4) Apply some magnesium oil. Magnesium is a known sleep-boosting mineral. The problem with most oral-based magnesium supplements, however, is that they aren’t absorbed optimally. To get the most out of magnesium you need to rub it into your skin, and that’s where magnesium oil comes in. The best time to do it is right after your nightly shower.

5) Read before bed, but nothing too stimulating. I personally find that autobiographies are great bedtime reads. They help you wind down, but don’t get your mind racing like some fiction novels do, which can be counter to a deep sleep.

6) Stretch. Going through a series of static stretches, preferably after a warm shower, will help mellow out your body and make you feel good in general. This will translate to better sleep, and you’ll also start to get rid of those niggling areas of pain.

7) Get out in the sun. Get at least fifteen minutes of direct sunshine every day. This will help increase your melatonin levels, which will improve your quality of sleep. It will also save your from having to turn to melatonin supplements in order to sleep better.

8) Drink some chamomile tea half an hour before sleep. Chamomile has been shown to reduce anxiety and help relax the body. Outside of that, I don’t know of many things more relaxing than sitting with a warm cup of tea and slowly sipping away at it as you prepare for bed. Getting a full night of quality sleep will lead to better gains in both performance and aesthetics. Remember that getting a better night’s rest is built upon good bedtime habits, and actively seek to improve these. You’ll end up with a clearer mind during the day, and a better body, to boot.

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Jafar as sadiq

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Jafar as-Sadiq 
(699- 765 CE) 

Arabic: ‘abû cadullahi jacfari bni muhammad 

The Sixth Imam in the Twelver and Isma’ili traditions of Shi’i Islam.

He is one of the most widely respected Imams by Shi’i and Sunni alike for his learning and piety. Jafar as-Sadiq (the truthful) was an influential teacher, theologian and jurist. Among his students were Abu Hanifa and Malik ibn Anas who were instrumental in the development of Sunni Islam. While an active Shi’i theologian, Jafar appears to have had a liberal view of learning and maintained an active discourse with many scholars of differing views. While he stayed out of politics he was imprisoned and persecuted on several occasions by the Abbassid Caliphs.

Below are extracts from the book
“The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher

Imam Jafar Ibn Mohammed As-Sadiq (a. s.)according to Fiqh E Jaferia

Translated and published by Kaukab Ali Mirza
Publisher: Willowdale, Ont. : K.A. Mirza, 1996.
ISBN: 0969949014 Edition: $6.00
Second Edition Printed in 1997 275 pages.


This book is a translation of “Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia”, the famous Persian book, which has been published four times in Tehran, Iran. The Persian book is itself a translation from a French thesis published by The Research Committee of Strasbourg, France, about the contribution made by Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) to science, philosophy, literature and irfan (gnosticism) .

‘Kaukab Ali Mirza’ did the English translation from Persian

Members of the Research Committee have done a wonderful job and deserve thanks and gratitude from all those who love the Imam. However, it must be pointed out that when the learned scholars, who were engaged in research, failed to find worldly sources of the Imam IS knowledge, they indulged in wild speculations and guesswork and were even guilty of misrepresenting historical facts to prove that Imam Mohammed al-Baqar and Jafar as-Sadiq (A.S.) had acquired their knowledge through the following sources:

a. The Great Library of Alexandria. b. Coptic Scholars of Egypt. c. Books of Greek Philosophers d. Persian Physicians.

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq’s [a] contribution to the sciences

Birth and early childhood:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was born in Medina on the 17 of Rabi ul-Awwal in the year of 82 Hijra. His father was the 5th Imam Mohammed Baqar (a) and his mother was Umme Farwa. It is said that Jafar as-Sadiq was born circumcised.

Contrary to the Western belief, the Shias firmly believe that Imam Jafar as-Sadiq had Ilm-e-Ladunni or ‘God given Knowledge’. The Shias believe that a man’s subconscious mind is quite different from his conscious mind. It is the treasure house of knowledge of mankind and of the world. Modern science lends support to this theory. Biological studies have gradually proved that every group of cells in the human body knows whatever is knowable from the beginning of the world till today. The Shias contend that when someone is chosen as a Prophet or as an Imam, the curtain which hangs between the conscious and subconscious mind, is lifted and he can make use of the knowledge which is stored in his subconscious mind.

Saviour of Shi’ism:

When Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was still in his infancy some people following the example of the Christians spread the belief that the Holy Prophet, Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Imams had two natures – the nature of man and the nature of God. They were partly human and partly divine. This belief posed a great danger to their sect. The Imam fought against this thought and saved Shi’ism from disintegration. He realised that it would create differences, split the people into factions, weaken the Shia movement and finally destroy it totally.

The Imam knew the history of the Christians. He knew the origin of the Orthodox and Catholic churches and the main cause of differences among Christians and their division into so many sects. In reply to those who propagated that idea, he said that all of them were human beings and had no essence or elements of God in them. But they were God’s most favoured servants and were chosen by Him to lead and guide mankind. He announced that anyone who believed or confessed that they had an essence of God in them will be believing in many gods and would not remain a muwahid (monotheist). They would become a mushrik (polytheist).

Another great danger threatening Islam was Monasticism which the Muslims wanted to adopt from the Christians. The Imam fought against that tendency and saved Muslims from a great catastrophe.

In the first half of the 2nd century Hijra, many Muslim sects were inclined to borrow Monasticism from the Christians and introduce it in Islam. They believed that one should give up worldly life and spend his time in seclusion and prayers. The leaders of those sects had arranged some solitary places where they and their followers could go and spend their lives in prayers. Some of them said that in Islam there was nothing better than Salaat (Namaaz), while others said that fasting was better than prayers and if someone had withdrawn from the world he should fast everyday throughout his life and think of nothing but Allah. Shias also, like others, were also attracted to Monasticism. This philosophy appealed to those who did not want to work and earn their own living.

At the beginning of the 2nd century Hijra Muslims were attracted not only to Monasticism, but they also wanted to follow another Christian practice which was Baptism.

The Imam opposed Baptism among Muslims just as he had opposed Monasticism. He told the Muslims : “We have customs which were practised by non-Muslims before Islam, but the Prophet of Allah approved them and thus they became part of Muslim customs and traditions. Although the Holy Quran has praised and exalted Christ and him mother Mary, it is not permissible for us to follow Christian customs and traditions.”

Another Christian practice, which was being followed by the Muslims, was celibacy. Considering it as a means of purification of the soul many Muslims did not marry. Addressing the Muslims, the Imam said : ” Do not follow the example of Christians. Celibacy is against the Commandments of Allah and tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). Not only it hurts a man intellectually and spiritually, it endangers the Muslim nation as a whole. It would reduce the number of Muslims. If celibacy was useful, the Holy Prophet of Allah would not have married at all. Since our Prophet himself married, it is the duty of every Muslim to follow his example and get married so that he may save himself from intellectual and spiritual degeneration and also help increase the Muslim population.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a. s.) and abu Shakir

Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) was one of the most patient and tolerant teachers of his time. He used to take his classes every day. After his lectures he would listen and reply to the objections of his critics. He had asked his critics, who attended his classes, not to interrupt him during his lectures. They were quite free to ask him any question or raise any objection after the classes were over.

Once Abu Shakir, one of his opponents, said to him: “Would you allow me to say something and ask some questions?”

“Yes, you can”, replied Imam Jafar as-Sadiq.

Said Abu Shakir: “Is it not a myth that there is Allah? You want people to believe in a thing which does not exist. If there was Allah, we could have felt his existence through our senses. You may say that we can feel His presence by the help of our inner senses, but our inner senses also depend upon our five outer senses. We cannot conjure up an image of anything in which some of our senses were not involved. We cannot conjure up the picture of a person whom we have not met; recall to our memory his voice if we have not heard him and feel the touch of his hand by our inner senses if we have never taken his hand in our hand.”

“You may say that we can perceive the presence of Allah by our intelligence and not through our inner or outer senses. But our intelligence also needs the assistance of our five outer senses, without which it cannot function. We cannot make any reasoning or come to any conclusion without the help of our senses.

By your imagination you have created a being, which is of your own image. Since you see, talk, hear, work and rest, He also does exactly what you do.”

“You do not show Him to anyone. To maintain your hold on the people you say that He cannot be seen. You also say that He was not born from the womb of a woman. He does not procreate and that He would not die. I have heard that there is an idol in India, which is hidden behind a curtain and is not allowed to be seen by the Hindu devotees. The custodians of the idol say that it is out of mercy that their god does not appear before them, because whoever casts his eyes on it, would instantly die.”

“Your Allah is also like the veiled god of the Hindus. It is out of His mercy that He does not appear before us. If he does, we shall surely die. You say that the universe was created by Allah, who did not talk to anyone, except to the Prophet of Islam. As a matter of fact the universe came by itself. Does anyone create the grass, which grows in the field? Does it not grow and get green by itself? Does anyone create the ants and the mosquitoes? Do they not come out by themselves?”

“I must tell you, who claims to be a scholar and the successor of the Prophet, that among all the stories, which circulate among the people, none is more absurd and baseless than the story of Allah, who cannot be seen. There are many baseless stories, but they, at least, depict real life and present before us the people and personalities, who may themselves be fictitious, but their acts and deeds are like those of real human beings. We can see them. They eat, they drink, they talk, they sleep and they love. When we read these fictitious stories, we enjoy them. We know that they are false, but we see in them the faces of men and women, who are like us. The people mentioned in the stories might not have existed, but our common sense accepts existence of such people in the world. However, when we cannot see, feel or touch your Allah, our logic and reasoning, which depend upon our senses, do not accept his existence.”

“l know that some people, who have been deceived by you, believe in your invisible Allah, but you cannot deceive me and make me believe in Him. I worship God, who is made of wood and stone. Although my God does not talk, but I can see him with my eyes and touch him with my hands.”

“You say that the God whom I have made from my own hands is not worthy of being worshipped, while you ask the people to worship Allah, you have created by your imagination. You deceive innocent people by saying that your imaginary Allah has created the universe, but I do not deceive anyone. No one created the universe. There was no need of any god to create it. It came by itself. God cannot create anything. He is himself our creation. I created him by my hand and you by your imagination.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) did not say a word during the long tirade of Abu Shakir. Sometimes his students, who were present, wanted to intervene but he asked them to remain quiet. When Abu Shakir stopped his lengthy discourse, the Imam asked him, if he had anything more to say.

Retorted Abu Shakir: “By introducing your invisible Allah to the people, you want to acquire wealth and position and have a respectable, comfortable and luxurious life. These are my last words. I do not want to say anything more.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) said: “l would like to start with the last part of your speech. Your accusations that I want money, position and a comfortable life would have been justified if I was living like a caliph. You have seen today that I have eaten a few morsels of bread only and nothing else. I invite you to my house to see for yourself what I will have for dinner and how I live.”

“Abu Shakir, if I wanted to acquire wealth and have a good life, as you say, I was not obliged to teach and preach to get rich. I would have earned money and got rich by my knowledge of chemistry. Another way to get rich was to do business. I have more knowledge’ about foreign markets than any merchant in Medina. I know what goods are produced in different countries and where to sell them for profit. I also know how to bring them here to reduce the cost of transport. Our merchants import goods only from Syria, Iraq, Egypt and some other Arab countries. They do not know what goods are available in Isphahan, Rasht and Rome, otherwise they would have imported them and sold them with profit.”

“Abu Shakir, you have said that I ask the people to worship Allah to deceive them and to get rich. I must tell you that I have never taken anything from anyone, except some fruits as presents. One of my friends sends to me every year fresh dates from his garden and another some pomegranates from Taif. I accept these presents so that they may not get offended.”

“I have heard, O Abu Shakir, that your father was a pearl merchant. Perhaps you may have some knowledge about pearls. But I know all about pearls and precious stones. I can also appraise their market value. If I wanted to get rich I would have worked as a jeweller. Can you test and recognise a precious stone? Do you know how many kinds of rubies and emeralds there are in the world?”

“I know nothing about them”, replied Abu Shakir.

“Do you know how many kinds of diamonds there are and what colours they have?” asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq.

“I do not know”, replied Abu Shakir.

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq said: “I am not a jeweller, but I know all about the pearls and precious stones. I also know where they come from. All jewellers must know about gems, what I know, but few of them know their sources.”

“Do you know what makes a diamond shine?”

“I never was a diamond merchant, nor was my father. How can I know why diamonds shine?; replied Abu Shakir.

Said the Imam: “Diamonds are obtained from the beds of rivers and streams. Rough diamonds are cut by experts. This is the cut of a diamond, which gives it its brilliance. Those who are experts in cutting diamonds are trained from the childhood in the profession of their fathers and forefathers. Cutting a diamond is a very delicate and difficult art. A diamond is cut only by a diamond.”

“Abu Shakir, I have said all this simply to show to you that if I wanted to accumulate wealth, I could have done so by making use of my knowledge about jewels. I have replied to your accusations and now I shall deal with your objections.”

“Abu Shakir, you have said that I have fabricated stories and ask the people to worship Allah, who cannot be seen. You refuse to acknowledge existence of Allah, because He cannot be seen. Can you see inside your own body?”

Replied Abu Shakir: “No, I cannot.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq said: “If you could have seen what is inside you, you would not have said that you do not believe in Allah, who cannot be seen.”

Abu Shakir asked: “What is the relationship between seeing within one’s own body and the existence of your unseen Allah?”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) replied: “You have said just now that a thing, which cannot be seen, touched, tasted or heard, does not exist.”

Abu Shakir said: “Yes, I have said that and I believe it is true.”

Jafar as-Sadiq asked: “Do you hear the sound of the movement of blood in your body?”

Said Abu Shakir: “No, I do not. But does blood move in the body?

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) said: “Yes, it does. It makes a full circuit of your body. If the circulation of blood stops for a few minutes you will die.”

Abu Shakir said: “I cannot believe that blood circulates in the body.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq said: “It is your ignorance, which does not let you believe that your blood circulates in your body, and the same ignorance does not let you believe in the existence of Allah, Who cannot be seen.”

Then the Imam asked Abu Shakir whether he has seen the tiny living beings, which Allah has created in his body.

Jafar as-Sadiq continued: “It is because of these small creatures and their wonderful work that you are kept alive. They are so small that you cannot see them. Since you are a slave of your senses, you do not know about their existence. If you increase your knowledge and decrease your ignorance, you will come to know that these small beings in your body are as large in number as the particles of sand in the desert. These small creatures are born in your body, multiply in your body, work in your body and die in your body. But you never see them, touch them, taste them or hear them in your life time.”

“It is true that one who knows himself knows his Allah. If you had known yourself and had the knowledge of what is going on inside your body, you would not have said that you do not believe in Allah, without seeing Him.”

Pointing his finger to a huge stone he said: “Abu Shakir, do you see the stone, which is in the foot of that portico? To you it seems lifeless and motionless, because you do not see the brisk motion, which is inside the stone. Again it is lack of knowledge or your ignorance, which would not let you believe that there is motion inside the stone. The time will come when the learned people would see the motion which is in the stone.”

Continued the Imam: “Abu Shakir, you have said that everything in the universe came by itself and has no Creator. You think that the grass in the field grows and gets green by itself. You must know that the grass cannot grow without seeds and seeds would not germinate without moisture in the soil and there would be no moisture if no rain falls. The rain does not fall by itself. First the water vapours rise and gather above in the atmosphere in the form of clouds. The winds bring the clouds. Then the water vapours condense and fall down as rain drops. The rain must also fall at the right time, otherwise no grass will grow and become green. Take the seeds of ten kinds of herbs and put them in a closed jar, which has sufficient water, but no air. Would they germinate? No, in addition to water, seeds need air also. It is possible to grow grass, herbs and fruits in hot houses, when it is very cold, provided there is sufficient air. Without the presence of air no grass will gr! ow in the fields and get green. If there is no air, all plants and animals, including human beings, would die.”

“Abu Shakir, do you see the air, on which your very existence depends. You only feel it when it moves. Can you refuse to believe in the existence of air? Can you deny that to grow and get green the grass needs many things like seeds, soil, water, air, a suitable climate and above all a strong managing power, which may co-ordinate the action of these different elements. That Managing and Co-ordinating Power is Allah.”

“You say that everything comes by itself because you are not a scientist. No scientist would ever say that. All scientists and all scholars believe in the existence of a creator, albeit, they may call Him by different names. Even those, who do not believe in Allah, believe in a Creative Force.”

“Abu Shakir, it is not because of one’s knowledge, but it is due to his ignorance that he does not believe in Allah. When a wise man thinks of himself, he finds that his own body needs a controller so that all its organs and systems may function properly. He then realises that this vast universe also needs a controller or supervisor so that it may run smoothly.”

“You said just now that both of us create our own gods – you by your hands and I by my imagination. But there is a big difference between your god and my Allah. Your god did not exist before you made him out of wood or stone, but my Allah was there before I could think about Him. I do not create my Allah by my hands or by my brain. What I do is to know Him better and think of His Greatness. When you see a mountain you try to know more about it. It is not creating the mountain by imagination. That mountain was there before you saw it and it would be there when you are gone.”

‘You cannot know much about the mountain because of your limited knowledge. The more your knowledge grows, the more you will learn about it. It is impossible for you to find out when and how that mountain came into being and when it would disappear. You cannot find out what minerals are there inside or underneath the mountain and what is their benefit to mankind.”

“Do you know that the stones, out of which you make your idols came into being thousands of years ago and shall exist for thousands of years more. These stones have come here from a distant place. They could travel that long journey because different parts of the earth are always moving, but this movement is so slow that you do not feel it. There is nothing in the universe, which is not in motion. Rest or motionlessness is meaningless. We are not at rest even when we are sleeping. We are in motion because the earth is in motion. Besides, we have a motion inside our own bodies.”

“Abu Shakir, if you had any knowledge about the piece of stone, out of which you carve an idol, you would not have denied the existence of Allah and said that I have created Him by my imagination. You do not know what a stone is and how it came into being. Today you can handle it as you like and cut it into any shape or form, but there was a time when it was in liquid state. Gradually it cooled down and Allah solidified it. In the beginning it was quite brittle and would have broken into pieces in your hand like a piece of glass.”

Asked Abu Shakir: “Was it in a liquid condition before?”

“Yes, it was”, replied Jafar asSadiq (A. S.)

Abu Shakir burst into a peal of laughter. One of the students of Jafar as-Sadiq got angry and was about to say something when he was stopped by his teacher.

Abu Shakir said: “I am laughing because you say that the stones are made of water.”

Jafar as-Sadiq (A. S.) replied: “I did not say that the stones are made of water. What I had said was that in the beginning they were in a liquid state.”

Abu Shakir said: “What difference does it make. The liquid and water are the same things.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq replied: “There are many liquids which are not water. Milk and vinegar are liquids, but they are not water, although they have a water content in them. In the beginning the stones were liquid like water and they flowed like water. Gradually they cooled down and became hard so that you could cut them and make them into idols. The same hard stones will turn into liquid, if they are heated.”

Said Abu Shakir: “When I go home I will check the truth of your statement. I will put the stone in the fireplace and see if it turns into liquid or not.”

Said the Imam: “You cannot liquefy stone in your fireplace. Can you liquefy a piece of iron at home? A very high temperature is required to turn solid stone into liquid.”

“Do you realise how you could make the idols out of stones? It was Allah, who made the stones. It was He Who created you and gave you the hands with the unique fingers, which enabled you to handle tools and chisel out the idols from the stones. Again it was He who gave you power and intelligence, which you used in making the idols.”

“Abu Shakir, do you think that the mountains are only heaps of stones? The Great Allah has created them to serve some very useful purpose. They were not created so that you may take stones and turn them into idols. Wherever there is a mountain there is flowing water. Rain and snow which fall on the mountain tops produce streams of fresh water. These streams combine together to form big rivers, which irrigate farms and fields. The people who live in the valleys, through which the rivers flow, are assured of constant supply of water. People who can afford it, go to the mountains during the summer season to escape the heat of the plains.”

“The mountains work as a great bulwark and protect towns and villages, which are in their valleys from the devastation and destruction of hurricanes. Green mountains provide good grazing grounds for sheep. When scorching heat burns the pastures down in the plains and no fodder is left, the shepherds take their flocks of sheep to the mountains and stay there till the end of summer. Mountains are also habitats of birds and animals, some of which are a good source of food for those, who live there. Even the mountains, which are not green, are not without some use. If the people try, they may discover in them mines of metals and minerals which are useful for mankind.”

“Abu Shakir, I am too small and too weak to create Allah with my brain. It is He, who has created my brain, so that I may think of Him and know Him – my Creator. He was there before I came into being and He would be there when I am no more. I do not mean that I would be totally destroyed. Nothing in the universe is totally destroyed. Everything is subject to change. It is only Allah, Who does not change.”

“Abu Shakir, please tell me sincerely to whom will you turn for help when you are in trouble? Do you hope that the idol you carve out of stone can come to your succour? Can it cure you when you are sick; save you from mishaps and calamities; save you from starvation and help you pay your debts?”

Abu Shakir replied: “I have no such expectations from the stone, but, I think there is something inside the stone, which will help me. Moreover, I cannot help worshipping it.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq enquired: “What is inside the stone? Is it also stone?”

“I do not know what it is. But it cannot help me if it is also stone,” replied Abu Shakir.

Said Imam Jafar as-Sadiq: “Abu Shakir, what is inside the stone and is not stone and can help when you are in trouble is, Allah.”

Abu Shakir pondered over the subject for a while and then said: “Is Allah, who cannot be seen, inside the stone?”

The Imam replied: “He is everywhere.”

Abu Shakir said: “I cannot believe that a thing may be everywhere but remain unseen.”

The Imam said: “Do you know that the air is everywhere but cannot be seen?”

Said Abu Shakir: “Although I cannot see the air, I can, at least, feel it when it moves. But I can neither see your Allah nor feel his presence.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq said: “You do not feel the presence of air when it is not moving. The air is only a creation of Allah. He is everywhere, but you cannot see Him or feel His presence by your senses. You have admitted just now that although you do not see it, but your instinct or your soul tells you that there is something inside the stone, and is not the stone, which can help you. That something is Allah. Your instinct also tells you that you cannot live without Allah and without worshipping Him.”

Abu Shakir said: “It is true. I cannot live without worshipping idols.”

Said Imam Jafar as-Sadiq: “Do not say idols. Say Allah. It is He, Who is worthy of worship. just like you everyone is obliged to worship Him. One, who does not worship Allah has no guide and no guardian. He is just like one, who cannot see, cannot hear, cannot feel and cannot think. He does not know where to go and on whom to depend when in trouble. Worshipping Allah is a part of living. Every living being worships Him instinctively. Even the animals cannot live without worshipping Him. We cannot ask them and they cannot tell us that they worship Allah, but their well regulated and orderly life is sufficient proof that they worship Him.

“I do not say that the animals believe in Allah and worship Him just as we do. But there is no doubt that they obey the laws made by their Creator faithfully, which means they worship Him. If they were not obedient to their Creator, they could not have such an orderly and regulated life.”

“We see that just before the advent of spring the titmouse (a kind of small bird) always comes at the same time and sings, as if to give us the tiding of the new season. The itinerary of these migratory birds is so regulated and their schedule so fixed that even if the last days of winter are still cold, their arrival is not delayed for more than a few days. When Chilchila (a migratory bird) returns after covering a distance of thousands of miles, it builds its nest at the same place, where it had built it last spring. Was it possible for these small birds to have such a well organised life if they did not obey the laws of Allah and worship Him?”

“Abu Shakir, even the plants obey the laws made by Allah faithfully and worship Him. Out of 150 species of plants, which are further divided into hundreds of sub-species you will not find even one plant, which has a disorganised and disorderly life.”

“Abu Shakir, just like us the plants also do not see their Creator, but they worship Him by obeying His laws instinctively.”

“I know that you will not accept, or perhaps you do not understand, what I say. A man must have sufficient knowledge to understand complicated problems.”

“Abu Shakir, not only animals by their animal instinct and plants by their plant instinct obey Allah and worship Him, the lifeless and inanimate objects also, with whatever instinct they have, obey Allah and worship Him. If they did not worship Him, they would not have followed the laws made by Him. As a result, their atoms would have broken apart and they would have been destroyed.”

“The light which comes from the sun also worships Allah by obeying his laws, which are very stringent and exact. It comes into being by the combination of two opposite forces. These forces also obey the laws of Allah and worship Him, otherwise they cannot produce light.”

“Abu Shakir, if there was no Allah there would have been no universe and no you and me. The sentence, “There is no Allah’, is meaningless. The existence of Allah is a must. If attention of Allah is diverted, even for a moment from the affairs of the universe to something else, it would break up. Everything in the universe obeys His laws, which are permanent and eternal. Because of His absolute wisdom and knowledge, He could make such wonderful laws, which will last for ever. Each and every law, made by Him serves some special and useful purpose.”

When the Imam concluded his discourse, Abu Shakir fell into a deep reverie as if he was greatly inspired.

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq asked: “Do you now believe that Allah, who cannot be seen, does exist and what you worship is the unseen Allah?”

Abu Shakir replied: “I am not yet convinced. I am in a quandary. I am full of doubts and misgivings about my faith and my convictions.”

Jafar as-Sadiq remarked: “The doubt about idol worship is the beginning of the worship of Allah.”

Revelations of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq:

Imam Mohammed al-Baqar and Imam Jafar as-Sadiq knew that the Muslim world would be flooded with books of the philosophers of Greece and Alexandria and that the Muslims would blindly accept everything they had written as the Gospel truth. Thus, many of the false and fallacious theories would catch their imagination, corrupt their minds, and keep them under total darkness for centuries, which is actually what had happened in the past. For example the theory of Ptolemy that the earth is the centre of the universe and the sun, the planet and the stars rotate around it was generally accepted by the Muslims as true.

The two Imams explained to their students who were to spread their teachings among the Muslims the theories of those philosophers, pointed out their mistakes and presented their own correct theories. Similarly they taught them physics, chemistry, geography etc prior to the translation of these subjects from Indian ,Greek and Persian into Arabic. Because they were Imams (representatives of Allah on Earth) they had the knowledge of the theories of Greek philosophers and others.

The momentous intellectual awakening of Muslims witnessed in the second century of the Hijra was not due to Hellenic or other foreign influences, as some Western historians have recorded. It was this result of the untiring and ceaseless efforts made by the members of the Prophet’s family to bring about that golden age of knowledge. Among all the Abbasid caliphs, only al-Mamun was interested in knowledge. The rest were only interested in accumulation on wealth, worldly pleasures and satisfaction of carnal desires. A halo of glory and grandeur has been placed round the head of Harun by the historians and story tellers. He was nothing but a tyrant and a despot.

The Abbasid caliph al-Mansur was well aware of the popularity of the Living Imam – Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a). It is reported on the authority of Mufazzal bin Umar that al-Mansur wanted to kill the Imam. He called him many times with this intent, but when he saw him, he was filled with fear and could not carry out his vicious plan. Instead, he placed the Imam under house arrest for long periods of time. He eventually poisoned him secretly. This was the end of the Medina Academy which was founded by the Imam. To destroy the influence of the Imam in the field of Religion, al-Mansur and his successors encouraged sectarianism. Many new schools of Islamic Jurisprudence appeared in that period and were fully supported by them. Since the leaders of these new sects had the backing of the government, their ideologies spread and the number of their adherents increased. On the other hand those who followed the teachings of the Imam were systematically persecuted by the Abbasid !caliphs. However, as al-Mansur could not still find in the Muslim world anyone who could rival the Imam in physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics and other sciences, he spent large sums of money and imported books from different countries on scientific subjects. They were translated in to Arabic, and taught in schools and colleges. Gradually the names of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Ptolemy became a household name and their scientific and philosophical theories captured the imagination and dominated the thoughts of the Muslims for centuries. That scheme proved so successful that in the course of time, Muslims totally forgot about the scientific achievements of the Imam and the important discoveries made by him. As a result the world lost more than a thousand years of knowledge as the science introduced by the Imam was only discovered by common man in the 19th century onwards. And the credit of this discovery also went to the person who discovered it rec! ently. Little does the world know that they were all made known by the Imam 14 hundred years ago. Learned scholars from Europe started studying Islamic literature from the beginning of the 17th century.

Rotation of the Earth round the Sun:

At the age of 11, the Imam refuted the theory that the sun, moon and the planets rotated around the earth. He said that the sun, during its course round the earth, passes through the 12 constellations in one year and remains in each constellation for 30 days, so why does it then disappear from sight during the night. It should remain visible in each constellation for 30 days. Ptolemy** theory said that the sun has two movements. One of its movements is that it crosses the sign of the zodiac and goes round the earth in one year and the other movement is that it goes round the earth in one night and one day, as a result of which we see it rise in the east and set in the west.

** Ptolemy was a geographer and astronomer who was born in Alexandria in the 2nd century B. C. He enriched his knowledge by reading the books of great scholars of Greece in the library of Alexandria. He borrowed from Euclid, the great mathematician, the idea that the sun rotated round the earth and then developed his own theory known as the Ptolemaic System. Since then up to the 8th century BC no one refuted this theory.

Aristotle was a great thinker and philosopher. His books, Arganan and Physics, are the most precious literary treasures of mankind, but his theory that the earth is stationary and the sun and stars rotate around it, delayed the progress of the science of Astronomy and kept mankind in the darkness of ignorance for 1800 years.

The Imam remarked that those two movements were not compatible. When the sun had to pass through the sign of the zodiac in one year and stay in each constellation for

30 days how could it change its course and go round the earth in 24 hours?

He also announced that the earth rotated around its own axis. The great scholar Poincare who lived in the 20th century made fun of this theory. When such a scholar could refuse to believe this, how could people in the 1st and 2nd century of the Hijra believe in the theory of the Imam. The rotation of the earth on its own axis could be proved by observation only. When astronauts landed on the surface of the moon, and directed their telescope towards the earth they observed that it was rotating slowly on its axis.

Some people might say that it was only by guesswork that Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a) said that the earth rotates on its own axis. Sometimes it happens that guesswork proves to be correct. But the question arises as to why no one else had guessed that for such a long time. This proves that he knew the laws of astro-physics which enabled him to make that discovery. If he had not known those laws, it would have been impossible for him to discover the rotation of the earth on its axis. This discovery could not have been accidental. One must know the cause to know its effect.

Tragically, for reasons stated above, the real credit of discovery of the movement of the earth round the sun was given to Copernicus who was an astronomer and mathematician, in the 15th Century. The theory of the earth rotation around its own axis went to Galileo who discovered the telescope.

Theory of the Four Elements:

At the age of 12 he rejected the theory of Four Elements of Aristotle and proved that it is wrong. He remarked : “I wonder how a man like Aristotle could say that in the world there are only four elements – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The Earth is not an element. It contains many elements. Each metal, which is in the earth, is an element.

For 1,000 years this theory was never refuted, and remained the corner stone of physics. Imam Jafar as-Sadiq proved that Water, Air, and Fire were also not elements, but a mixture of elements. This he said 1,100 years before the European scientists discovered that air was not an element and had separated its constituents. To derive the fact that Air is not an element, but a mixture of elements, was impossible to conclude in the Imam’s age and time. He said that there are many elements in the air and that all of them are essential for breathing.

It was only in the 18th century, which was considered the golden age of science, after Lavoisier separated oxygen from the air and demonstrated the important role it plays in breathing and combustion that they accepted that it is not an element. However, even then they were of the opinion that other elements do not play a part in breathing. In the middle of the 19th century scientists changed their views about the part played by other elements in breathing. By that time it was also proved that although oxygen purifies blood, it also burns combustible materials, which come in contact with it. If living beings breath pure oxygen for a long time, their breathing organs would be oxidised. Oxygen does not damage them because it is mixed with other gases. Therefore, they concluded that the presence of other gases which are in very minute quantities in the air is also essential for breathing.

Moreover, oxygen being the heaviest of all other gases in the air would have settled at the bottom and covered the surface of the earth up to a certain depth. As a result, breathing organs of all animals would have been burnt and animal life would have become extinct. Moreover it would have cut off the supply of carbon dioxide, which plants need so badly, and made it impossible for them to grow on the surface of the earth. Presence of other gases in the air does not let oxygen settle down to the bottom and destroy animal and plant life.

At last, after more than 1000 years, the theory of Jafar as-Sadiq (a) that presence of all gases in the air is essential for breathing was proved to be correct. He was the first person to discover that oxygen produces acidity. Time did not allow him to make known to the world further such revelations, but he was indeed proved the pioneer and leader in the scientific study of oxygen.

Origin of the Universe:

The Imam’s another wonderful theory is about the ‘Origin of the Universe’. When modern scientists read this theory they confirm that it totally agrees with the modern theory, which has not yet become a law of physics. However, it has the unique distinction that it was enunciated 12 centuries ago. The theory read as follows :

” The universe was born out of a tiny particle, which had two opposite poles. That particle produced an atom. In this way matter came into being. Then the matter diversified. This diversification was caused by the density or rarity of the atoms.”

The most significant point in this theory is the description of two opposite poles. The importance of this point was realised when the presence of two opposite poles was proved by modern science. Today it is an undisputed fact in atomic science and electronics.

Another of his interesting theory was that the universe is not always in one and the same condition. In one periods it expands and in another it contracts.

This phenomenon was considered for centuries as inconceivable and the theory remained quite incomprehensible to the leading astronomers. After the 18th century more and more powerful telescopes were built and astronomers could see beyond our solar system. It was in 1960 that it was observed and confirmed by astronomers that distances between our galaxy and the neighbouring galaxies are increasing. These observations have provided sufficient proof that the universe is in a state of expansion. We do not know when this expansion started. The discovery of black holes has proved his other statement that the universe sometimes contracts was also proved true. Hence the Imam’s theory was proved to be correct.

The Imam also stated that everything in the universe including inanimate objects, is always in motion although we may not see it. There is nothing without motion.

This theory, which was unacceptable in his time, is a scientific fact today. It is impossible to imagine, explain and describe an object in the universe, which is without motion. Motion is the essence of being. If there is no motion these is no existence. It is perpetual motion which creators life. In other words perpetual motion itself is life. If the motion stops, life would cease to exist. It is by the Will of Allah that eternal motion never stops and the life cycle continues. This eternal movement will continue till the Dooms-Day.

Jaber, his pupil once asked the Imam “How does the movement of the stars keep them from falling?”

The Imam replied : “Put a stone in a sling and swing it round your head. The stone will stay in the sling so long as you are rotating it. But as soon as you stop the rotation, the stone will fall down on the ground. In the same way the perpetual motion of stars keeps them from falling down.

Contribution in Physics:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a) made many discoveries in physics which no one had even dreamt of before him and no one could think of after him. One of the laws worked out by him is about opacity and transparency of materials. He said that materials which are solid and absorbent are opaque, and materials which are solid and repellent are more or less transparent. When he was asked about the thing which is absorbed by an opaque material, he replied “Heat”

Today this theory is one of the Laws of Physics. How wonderful it is that in the 2nd century A. H., he could enunciate such a new and unique theory.

Contribution in Literature:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq defined ‘literature’ as no one had ever denied during the past twelve centuries. He said : “Literature is the garment which one puts on what he says or writes so that it may appear more attractive.” He further said that it is possible that literature may have no knowledge, but there is no knowledge without literature. Every kind of knowledge contains literature, but every kind of literature does not necessarily contain knowledge. These are indeed concise and comprehensive definitions of the relationship between knowledge and literature.

The Imam was indeed the pioneer to start the literary age. If he had not taken the first step and given encouragement to scientists and men of letters, there would have been no literary awakening and no Renaissance of knowledge.

Composition of the Human Body:

The Imam said that while all human beings were made from the earth, which was a known fact, he also said that whatever is in the earth is also in the human body, but all elements are not in the same proportion. Four elements are in very large quantity, eight elements in small quantities and eight elements in minute quantities. This theory was proved to be correct as late as the 18th century with the dissection of the human body. Results of these analysis show that the ratio of the major elements in human bodies is the same throughout the world as Imam Jafar as-Sadiq had said. The four elements which are in large quantities in the human body are: Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. The eight elements which are in small quantities are : Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Iron, and Chlorine. The other eight elements which are in very minute quantities are : Molybdenum, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Fluorine, Silicon and Io! dine.

Discovery of Hydrogen:

According to the Western world, the greatest miracle of the Imam was his revelation of the presence of oxygen in the air. The western world admit now that the Imam discovered this twelve and a half centuries ago. Imam Baqar had said about the presence of hydrogen in water and that water can be turned into fire, as hydrogen was a highly inflammable gas. The discovery of these two gases depended upon their separation from air and water. Separation of hydrogen from water was more difficult that separation of oxygen from air. Pure oxygen is available in the air, but pure hydrogen is not available anywhere. Hence hydrogen could not be obtained till sufficient power was developed and water was hydrolysed. The world amazes as to how both our Imams could reveal the presence of hydrogen in air which was a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas and does not exist freely in nature. They could not have identifi! ed this gas and found out its properties without separating it from water through the process of hydrolysis, which was impossible without a strong current of electricity.

The first person who was able to separate hydrogen from water in modern times was the English scientist Henry Cavendish, who died in 1810. After many years of research he was able to hydrolyse water and obtain hydrogen gas. He was also able to confirm that hydrogen gas was highly inflammable as a result of a freakish accident that he had while doing his experiments, which resulted in his house catching fire. It was eventually Lavoisier, the French chemist, who gave the name of hydrogen to this gas.

The Imams knew such secrets but revealed only to the extend that would be useful to the world, hence the secret of how hydrogen could be separated from water without the use of electricity was never made known to common man. It has been proved that this discovery by Man has not done any good to mankind. On the contrary, it has led to the production f the hydrogen bomb, which is threatening to annihilate the human race. It was better that this instrument of death, destruction and devastation was not invented and manufactured at all so that mankind would be saved from the impending catastrophe.

Theory of Light:

Another great contribution to science of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was his Theory of Light. He said that light reflected by different objects comes to us, but only a part of the rays enter our eyes. That is the reason why we do not see distant objects clearly.

If all the rays of light which come from them entered our eyes, objects would appear near to us. If we make a device through which all the rays of light coming from the camels grazing at a distance of 3000 zirah (one zirah is 40 inches) entered our eyes we would see them grazing at a distance of only 60 zirah ie. All these objects would look 50 times nearer to us.

This theory spread far and wide through his students and reached Europe too.

It was this theory, which helped Lippershey of Flanders to make his first binoculars in 1608. Galileo made use of this binoculars and invented his telescope in 1610. If the Imam had not formulated this theory of light, binoculars and telescopes would not have been invented and made and Galileo could not have confirmed through visual observations the theories of Copernicus and Kelper that all planets including the earth rotate round the sun. When Galileo was asked why his telescope made heavenly bodies look so near that they could see the mountains of the moon, he repeated the words of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq and said : “This telescope collects all the rays of light coming from the heavenly bodies. When all the rays of light coming from the heavenly bodies are concentrated, the objects which are at a distance of 3,000 feet away appear to us as if they were at a distance of only 60 feet.”

Before the time of the Imam, it was believed that light from our eyes falls upon different objects so that they could be seen. He was the first to have said that ” the rays of the light from different objects come to our eyes and enable us to see them. The rays of light from our eyes do not go out and fall on other objects, otherwise we would be able to see them in the darkness also.”

The Imam also put forward a very interesting theory about the speed of light. He has said that light is a kind of motion which is very fast. This is in harmony to the modern theory of light.

The Imam had once said during the course of his lectures that a powerful beam of light could move heavy objects. The light which Moses saw at Mount Sinai was of that kind. It could have moved the mountain if God had so desired. It can be said that by making this statement, he laid the foundation of the theory of the laser.

Theory of transfer of Disease by Rays:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has said that patients suffering from certain diseases emit special types of rays. If these rays fall upon a healthy person, they are apt to make him sick.

This theory was not acceptable to physicians and biologists. They were of the opinion that microbes and viruses were the main cause of many diseases, which were spread by insects, air, water, food and direct and indirect contact with patients.

No one before the Imam, had ever said that diseases were also transferred from one person to the other by means of rays, emitted from patients suffering from certain diseases. This idea was rather ridiculed by the learned people till it was proved to be correct by scientific studies.

Theory of Matter and Anti-Matter:

One of the unique theories of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq is that everything except Allah has its opposites, but this does not result in a conflict, otherwise the whole universe would be destroyed. This is the theory of matter and anti-matter. The difference between matter and anti-matter is that in matter the electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged. But in anti-matter, the electrons are positively charged and protons are negatively charged. Scientists have concluded that if one kilogram of matter collides with one kilogram of anti-matter, so much energy will be released that the whole world will be destroyed.

Professor Alfven is of the opinion that there is no other source in the universe, which can generate so much energy as quasars, except explosion of matter with anti-matter.

Just as uranium was used for exploding an atomic bomb, helium would be used for exploding matter with anti-matter. Russian scientists have already obtained anti-matter of helium.

Theory of the Light of the Stars:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has said that among the clusters of stars which we see at night, some are so bright that our sun, in comparison, is quite insignificant.

Because of man’s limited knowledge, many people during the Imam’s time and centuries after him, considered this theory to be illogical, irrational and unacceptable. They could not believe that these small specks of light which are called stars, can have more light than the light of our big bright sun.

About twelve and a half centuries later, it was proved that what he said was quite correct. It has been discovered that there are stars in the universe, which are billions of times brighter than the sun. They are called quasars. The light of quasars is about quadrillion times (ten thousand billion times) the light of our sun. Some of them are at a distance of about 9000 million light years from the earth. The first such quasar was discovered in 1927.

Another important theory was that there are many worlds other than our own, that we cannot even count them. Their number is only in the knowledge of Allah (swt). Just as we have living beings on this planet, there are living beings on many other planets in the universe where conditions are suitable.

Our telescopes are even today not powerful enough to enable us to see what is beyond the quasars. Therefore we do not know how vast the universe is. It can only be surmised that in the universe there would be millions and millions of worlds, which have existed for billions of years and shall continue to do so for billions of years to come.

We must therefore accept as Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has said, that, no one except Allah (swt) knows the number of large and small worlds.

Pollution of Environment:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has said that we should not pollute our environment otherwise it would become impossible to live on this planet. Definitely he had our times in mind when he made those remarks. Pollution was not a problem in his time. There was not a single factory in existence and metals were smelted in small furnaces by burning wood. This was not a theory but a scientific fact which cannot be refuted. It is estimated that if air pollution increases at the present rate for 50 years more, 50% of plankton will die and the quantity of oxygen in the air would be reduced by the same proportion.

The rich nation of Japan ignored the advice of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq and polluted its environment and suffered the consequences. After World War II, in which Japan was defeated, the average yearly income of a Japanese worker was only US$ 30. Today it is US$500. In the production of ships, radios, TVs, tape-recorders, computers, rayon cloth etc, it has given birth to numerous diseases which were never known to have been existed. A new and dangerous disease has appeared recently in Japan. This disease is called Eta Eta because the patients cry Eta Eta in pain. The first symptom of the disease is severe and unbearable pain in the bones. After sometime, the bones become so brittle that they break into pieces like glass. The cause of this disease is accumulation of large quantities of cadmium in the body by drinking water and eating agricultural products which have been contaminated by that element. Another new disease has appeared on Kyushu in Japan. Those who suffer form it lo! se their eyesight and the tissues of their bodies wither away. As a result, they cannot move their limbs. If they are not treated properly they gradually die. The cause of the disease is accumulation of mercury in the body through polluted water and food.

From the time of Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, till today about 40,000 kinds of disease have been diagnosed, their symptoms recorded and treatment prescribed, but the diseases, which have appeared in Japan due to the pollution of their environment are unknown to the science of medicine.

Science and Philosophy:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was not only a religious leader, but a scientist, a philosopher and a man of letters. He used to teach theology, philosopher, science and literature. He was the first scholar in the world to have separated science and philosophy. No one before him paid any attention to the important point that they are two different subjects. He remarked, while pointing out the difference between the two which shocked many philosophers. They can be divided in two parts.

The first part read as follows : “Science and philosophy are two different subjects. Science gives us definite and exact results even if they are small and insignificant. But philosophy serves no practical purpose and gives no useful results.”

The second part read as follows : “However, it is beyond the scope of science to discover the ultimate truth; but it is within the domain of philosophy to do that.”

As the Imam was a religious leader he already knew the truth through religion and did not want to find it through philosophy. However, it ws his firm conviction that philosophy would solve many problems. He was therefore more interested in philosophy than in science because it helped to recognise the Creator.

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was not a physician by profession, but he introduced and formulated methods of diagnosis and treatment in the field of medicine. Western scholars find it hard to believe how he could have introduced certain diagnosis in that age and time.

Good Advice for Mothers:

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has advised mothers that they should put their new born babies to sleep on their left side.

For centuries this advice was considered by many as meaningless and absurd since no one could see any use in putting babies to sleep on the left side of mothers. Some people even went to the extent of remarking that it was dangerous to carry out his instructions. Mothers may take a turn while sleeping and crush the baby to death. No one in the East or West took that advice seriously. Even during the Renaissance period, when scholars in Europe studied every theory critically, no one tried to find out whether it had a scientific basis.

In 1865, Ezra Cornell founded the Cornell University in NYK. In this university he set up under the department of medicine, an institute for the Research on New Born and Suckling Babies. A research scholar of this institute who travelled to different parts of the world, observed that mothers in every country carried their babies in the left arms. Doctors in this institute observed that babies who are put to sleep on the left side of their mothers sleep more soundly and peacefully but those who are put on the right side, wake up every now and then and cry. It was reported that for the first few days after their birth, babies would have no rest at all, if they are not on the left side of their mothers.

After the invention of holography, holographic pictures of unborn babies were taken which revealed that the mother’s heartbeat reached the ears of the baby in the womb. Experiments were made of different mammals to find out the reaction of the foetus. All experiments showed that whenever the heart of the mother stopped beating, the foetus became restless and agitated, because it feeds on the blood, which comes to it with each and every heartbeat.

These experiments proved that unborn babies are not only used to hearing their mother’s heartbeat, but their very existence depends upon them. Heartbeats mean to them a constant supply of food. Stoppage of heartbeats signals starvation and death. They depend so much upon the heartbeat that even after they are born, they become restless, if they do not hear it. A new-born knows its mother’s heartbeat quite well and that is why it sleeps comfortably and peacefully, when it is on the left side of the mother and can hear the heartbeats clearly.

If the Cornell University had not been established and the research work on babies was not done, no one would ever haverealised the scientific importance of the advice of the Imam that mothers should put their babies to sleep on their left side.

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq was ahead of his time by 1,100 years. Indeed he had access to Ilm Ladunni (divine knowledge).


A brief History of the Right Path 
An Extract from a work by

THE MOST DEBATED QUESTION OF OUR TIME. Was there really holocaust?

Posted in Politics on July 29, 2012 by Nomad


By Dr. Edward.R. Fields  


“Since the Second World War, Jews have been treated with silk gloves. Without Auschwitz, there would be no Israel.”  

– by Nathan Goldmann, the Founder of Israel as quoted from Paris Match, December 29, 1979  

The “Holocaust” has given Israel a tremendous psychological advantage over the Gentile world, particularly America and Germany. By exploiting the guilt complex instilled in non-Jews, they have obtained:  

  • Over $65 billion in aid from Germany.
  • Over $55 billion in aid from America. Israel, a prosperous country, receives $3.2 billion, (or $8 million a day) in foreign aid – more than any other country.
  • The 45,000 Jewish immigrants from Russia have the highest annual quota after Mexico. They enter as “refugees” without having to prove persecution! As “refugees” they are automatically entitled to full welfare benefits not subject to welfare reform cuts.
  • Nonstop holocaust brainwashing in schools, TV, movies and books has placed Israel and organized Jewry above criticism! 

Official Holocaust Figures Reduced 

Immediately after World War II, Allied authorities declared that “Jews had been gassed” in all German concentration camps. It later discovered that the many bodies photographed in the camps died during the waning days of the war – from typhus, cold and starvation. Simon Wiesenthal, of the “Holocaust Center” in Los Angeles, stated in Books and Bookmen, April 1975, page 5, “No gassing took place in any camp on German soil.” The Jew L.P. Beria headed the Soviet NKVD secret police from 1938 to 1953. In 1945, he announced that they had discovered a “holocaust” of six million Jews. This conveniently occurred only in camps in Poland! Beria would not allow any outside investigators to examine these sites. The Jewish-owned New York Times reported in 1945 that Soviet Russia supplied the figure of four million Jews having been put to death, “in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.” However, in July of 1990, the Polish government reduced this figure to 1.1 million and it was accepted by Jewish groups. Despite this evidence, the “official figure” of six million dead was not lowered to three million!  

(It should also be noted that Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross, and wife of former Sen. Bob Dole, revealed that the official death records from Auschwitz had been uncovered in the Soviet Archives. It listed 70,000 deaths from all causes.)  

No Holocaust Order Ever Given 

The Germans are noted for being meticulous record keepers. There was no attempt made to destroy wartime records, 1,100 tons of which were seized in the U.S. Zone of occupation alone. British Historian, Colin Cross, writes in his biography of Hitler, on page 313: “There does not exist then, anything like a written order signed by Hitler for the extermination of the Jews in Europe.”  

Madagascar is a vast island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, then owned by France. Thousands of pages of German documents have been located providing a thorough study of the feasibility of establishing a Jewish homeland on the island of Madagascar. Plans were made for the reimbursement of the 25,000 French citizens who lived there. Even the government of France studied the plan. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, considered Madagascar a possible site for a Jewish state. He also considered Kenya, Africa, the Sinai from the Suez Canal to the Gaza Strip, and a huge area in southern Poland, but they really wanted Palestine.  

The German Foreign Ministry on January 25, 1939 issued a document on the solution to the Jewish problem which stated: “The end policy in regard to the Jews is the emigration of all Jews living in the territory of the Old Reich.”  

In Auschwitz Notebooks, we read that all of the top German leadership supported this plan. “On November 12, 1938, Goring had mentioned the question of Madagascar. Himmler himself had dreamed of that since 1934, a witness assures us. After the armistice of June 1940 (surrender of France), the idea was propounded by the Foreign Ministry and approved by Himmler as well as by Hitler himself.”  

For these reasons SS official Reinhard Heydrich organized the Central Office for Jewish Emigration on February 11, 1939. Once the war began, this was no longer possible. Thus Hitler ordered the internment of Jews as enemy aliens and deported them to the east. On January 27, 1942, Hitler said: “The Jews must leave Europe. The best thing is that they go to Russia.”  

Roosevelt did the same thing as Hitler by ordering 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent living on the West Coast interned in concentration camps. In March 1942 Roosevelt accused them of being “security risks.” The Japanese men, women and children were imprisoned behind barbed wire fences and armed guard towers in the blazing hot desert.  

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial heard testimony from Hans Lammers as to what he considered the “Final Solution of The Jewish Problem.” Lammers was Chief of the Reich Chancellery and personally close to Himmler and Hitler. Lammers said he asked Himmler what was the “final solution.” Himmler replied: “The Jews must be evacuated from Germany!” He said that Hitler told him the same thing. In other words, “The Final Solution” was –emigration! When asked, “when did you first learn that five million Jews had been exterminated,” Lammers replied that it was “here” at the Nuremberg trials! Herman Goring also told the court that the first time he had heard anything about a holocaust was, “right here at Nuremberg!”  

Auschwitz was a massive military-industrial complex of 39 camps of which 19 mainly employed Jews. The factories at the “Monowitz No. 16 Camp” alone employed 126,000 workers. Holocaust expert, Leon Poliakov of Paris, in Breviary of Hate, page 134, in 1979 wrote that the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto was one of the Germans’ “most important supply centers. The second in economic importance was the Lodz ghetto because it manufactured all kinds of goods, and, in particular, its textile industries constituted support of great value to the German economy.”  

Heinrich Himmler feared a typhus epidemic in the camps. Eastern European Jews were very unhygienic and were often blamed for the spread of typhus. On December 28, 1942, Himmler ordered that, “the death rate in the camps must be reduced at all costs.” (Source, Reitlinger’s book, The Final Solution.) On January 20, 1943, chief inspector of the camps, Richard Glucks, answered Himmler, “Every means will be used to lower the death rates.” (Source, Nuremberg Trial Document No. 1523.) The death rate had indeed been reduced from 8.5% in July 1942 to 2.8% in June 1943.  

On April 17, 1943, Hitler asked Admiral Horthy, regent of Hungary for, “100, 000 Jews to work on a new pursuit plane program.” (Source, Reitlinger’s book, Die Endlosung, 1956, page 478.) In May 1944 Hitler personally ordered that 200,000 more Jews be put to work in construction and “other important military works.”  

The Jews were vital to the German war industry. It would have been counter productive to exterminate them. In fact, the SS arrested Karl Koch, commandant of Buchenwald, for mistreating and unjustly executing some prisoners. After being found guilty by a military court, Koch was sentenced to death and shot. If there was actually a “holocaust” he would have been honored instead of executed.  

Shindler’s List features Commandant Amon Goeth, who in reality did abuse prisoners. However, the film fails to inform viewers that he had been arrested by the SS and was in prison awaiting trial at war’s end. Most of the gruesome pictures of bodies we see in “made for TV” holocaust dramas are those who died of starvation and disease during the final chaotic months of the war. An example is Dachau. Some 54 died in January 1944 and 101 in February 1944. When food and medical supplies could not be delivered due to Allied bombings, 2,888 died in January and 3,977 in February 1945.   

The Impossibility of Mass Gassings

Auschwitz had no mass graves. The cremation of four million bodies would have left 15,000 tons of ash which was never found. Many tons of coal would have been necessary for such mass cremations. Initially, the Soviets told conflicting stories about how the six million perished in the camps under their control. At first they claimed that the inmates had been “steamed” to death. On December 5, 1945, a Communist judge issued the following “Accusation No. 6” against defendant Hans Frank at Nuremberg:  

“A large boiler for the production of superheated steam was injected into the interior of the rooms. The doors are closed hermetically and the long asphyxiation of the victims by the steam begins. At the start, screams came from inside, they die down slowly; after 15 minutes, the executions are completed.”  

This story was not believable. It was then changed to allege that trucks were backed up to the “death chambers” and carbon monoxide gas was pumped into the rooms. This claim too was “forgotten” and the Soviets then charged that the Germans changed the “steam chambers” into “gas chambers.”  

The Soviets came up with a novel idea of how the Jews were exterminated at the Belzec camp. “The Jews were ordered to undress as though to take a bath. They were led in fact into a building that could hold hundreds of people. The water was filled up to their necks. Then a powerful electric current was sent into the metal flooring and within a few seconds all the Jews, thousands at a time, were dead.”  

Soviet prosecutor L.N. Smirnov actually read this accusation into the record at the December 19, 1945, session of the Nuremberg trial. This story finally evolved to execution by “Zyklon B” gas. This was a widely used pesticide to kill lice which was the biggest health threat in the camps. Had the Germans actually wanted to perform mass exterminations, they had products one-thousand times more deadly such as Sarin and Tabun nerve gas!  

Austrian Engineer Walter Luftl issued a report in March 1992, in which he found that, “Zyklon B is utterly unsuited for the purposes of systematic mass murder.”  

Fred Leuchter, America’s foremost expert on executions, took a team of investigators to Auschwitz in 1988 and reported: “I traveled to Poland to investigate the alleged execution gas chamber facilities at the three concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek. My forensic analysis and subsequent report proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that there were no gas execution facilities operated by the Nazis at these sites.”  

Leuchter also examined the capacity of the so-called “gas chamber building” at Birkenau. The Nuremberg Tribunal’s document No. L-022 stated: “1,765,000 Jews were gassed at Birkenau between April 1942 and April 1944.” However, Leuchter found that even if used at full capacity “only 105,688″ persons could have been “gassed.” His team scraped forensic samples from brick, mortar and concrete to find traces of cyanide compounds which would be present for centuries. They were submitted to the Alpha Analytical Laboratories of Ashland, Massachusetts. In March 1988, the Alpha report found that no cyanide elements, consistent with what could be expected to be found in a gas chamber, were present.  

A retired German judge, Dr. Wilhelm Staglich said: “The extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was a ‘death factory.'”  

Fred Leuchter’s finding: “We have provided the definitive proof that there were no execution gas chambers utilized for genocidal purposes by the Germans at these wartime camps. The simple fact is that the holocaust story is not true.”  

How Many Jews Actually Died? 

The World Almanac for 1947, in quoting figures supplies by the American Jewish Committee states that the world Jewish population in 1939 was 15,688,259. The New York Times of February 22, 1948, stated that the world Jewish population ranged from 15,600,000 to 18,700,000, excluding some 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine. How could the Jewish population have increased so rapidly after losing six million during World War II? Walter Sanning, the author of Dissolution of European Jewry, says that no less than 2,200,000 Jews had emigrated out of Europe leaving 2,847,000 Jews residing there at the height of the German occupation in June 1941. After the war, 3,375,000 Jews, according to the Red Cross, applied for holocaust reparations. This figure included many of the emigrants. Thus, the actual number of those who died at the camps from all causes ranges between 150,000 and 300,000.  

“Holocaust” Silences Opposition 

Hardly a week goes by without a new holocaust story in the media. Bernard Postal wrote in Jewish Week, July 14, 1979:  

Not until the Holocaust, did anti-Semitism become taboo. There was a time when anti-Semitic speeches were an open factor in national (political) campaigns. The Holocaust puts a taboo on overt anti-Semitism among upper-level statesmen and publicists.”  

Zionist spokesmen have often boasted that, “The shattering effect of the holocaust on the Christian conscience results in a feeling of collective indebtedness to the Jews.”  

The Red Cross issued a massive, three volume, 1,600 page report on the camps after the war, part of which reads: “In the final moths of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims.” … Gen. Kaltenbrunner. . . Allowed the Red Cross to distribute relief packages and one (Red Cross) delegate was authorized to stay in each camp (as an observer). Does this sound like a holocaust?  

What About Real Holocausts? 

Why doesn’t the film industry or news media produce documentaries about the numerous true holocausts of Gentiles during this century such as:  

The Soviet Holocaust of Christian Russian Kulak farmers. (1924 – 1930) – 15 million exterminated!  

The Holocaust of the Ukranian farmers, (1930- 1933) – 7 million starved to death.  

The Holocaust of Russian political prisoners, (1919 – 1949) – 12 million perished.  

The Pol Pot Communist Holocaust in Cambodia (1975) – 2.5 million slaughtered.  

Armenian Holocaust by the Turks, (1915) – 1.5 million people killed.  

Bear in mind that the Jews are the only racial group with an organization like the World Jewish congress which wields fearsome power!  

A love letter from East to West

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5 September, 1999

Dear Sahar

I am very sorry for the late replay its due to having a lot of issues and problems. I send you a few sms from New York air port but latter on i found out that they didn’t go through to you which made me really angry and upset. Any ways this is what the messages said “Sahar I love you”. “Just boarding the plan wish me luck”. “Bye for now my gorguz Sahar”.

There are a lots been happening in here since i got here. I haven’t seen the city yet haven’t been out of the house, don’t see much people and talk to anyone much either. Im under so much pressure and stress at the moment that i wish i was never born in the first place Sahar. I got really sick twice so far in my life that my death was almost there but somehow it didn’t happened and i always hoped it was for good use in the future but so far that’s not true and i wish the first time i got sick i was dead.

I typed this letter 10 times for the past few days and deleted 10 times. I just can’t think of what to say or what to write. I can’t think straight or neither does my brain work. Sometimes it feels like im not even alive and i am living a life just like it is in the computer game.

When you are a baby you cry almost every day and almost most of the times during that time but when you grow up you tell yourself that you won’t cry again. Well the past week since i left NY its been like living in hell and i been crying more than i was a baby nonstop. Food has been like eating poison and don’t even know if I’m eating food or it’s just nothing.

I board the plan and landed in Kabul air port and there was a group of our relatives waiting for us to meet us. Any how we went home and had tea with relatives around us talking and asking questions about America and stuff when suddenly when one of the people congratulated me about engagements and i was shocked and was like thank you but you got the wrong person, it might be my older brother and he was like No it is you who is getting engaged and that’s when it just felt like someone dropped me off from a million story building and i hit the ground a million times with great pain but no death. My body felt as weak as when i was a baby and sweat run down my body. I left my tea on the ground went into the other room and called my Mum and asked her about it and she confirmed it and said yes we are here to do the engagement and i just cried as loud as i could and everyone was in the room asking if i was ok. I told everyone to leave me alone and even my mum and slept for the next three hours and cried.

Mum walked in sat next tom me and was asking me how i was. I explained everything how i love you and i want you but she was like son this is wayyyy too late for that. This is a pre planed organised event. She was like we named her for you years ago and we also put a ring in her finger. I screamed and was Mum how could you do this without my knowledge? How could you even think about doing such thing and destroying my life for me.  I rejected her decision said I’m not going to marry her what so ever… she started crying and went to other room. The next day in the morning went to talk to her to see her in bed with chest pain and bad condition and she didn’t want to talk to me so the next few hours she got worst we took her to hospital to find out she had a heart attack and was asked to remain in the hospital for the next few days and she didn’t even say a word to me and was in bad condition. In the mean time dad found out the whole story and he was pissed off and got sick too at home with headache and stomach sickness. Life was getting harder with mum in hospital and dad sick at home none of them wanted to talk to me.

I didn’t know how serious the whole thing was but in reality the whole people in Kabul knew about what was going behind the scene that i was getting engaged and the girl was named for me from years ago.

Few days letter mum was still in the hospital and dad was still sick and mum asked me she wanted to talk to me so i went to the hospital sat beside her bed and she was like Rehan all my life i wanted to see that day when you get married and that day is so close and you are saying that you cannot do it. The girl who is going to get engaged is my dad’s sister’s daughter and she passed away a few years ago due to illness but before she died she and my mum and dad made a deal between them for her daughter to get married to my dad’s son who is suppose to be me.

Sahar these whole things were pre planed and I had no idea about it, i was kept in the dark and wasn’t even told a single bit about it till i landed in Afghanistan. I tried every way to try to make mum and dad understand that i love you and i want to marry you Sahar but they are like there is no other way mum and dad says. Either marries the girl who is named for you or you will never talk and we will not go to America and we just eat pills or poison to kill our selves. Sahar i am just lost in this world don’t know what to do. I tried a lot explaining our situation to my mum who is softer than dad but she was like there is no other way Rehan. If you don’t marry her first the whole Kabul meaning relatives are going to talk shit about me and your dad mum said, we won’t be able to live anywhere on this earth due to shame and embarrassments you going to put us through, third me and your dad is going to die here with worry depression and shame.

Sahar now you tell me what to do please. I have no other ways i thought about it days and nights sleepless. I just can’t live without you, praying night and day for god to give me strength to do something about it and give a way out of all these shits. I am living a life in hell at the moment and i know by the time you read this you will too but i love you, will always do no matter what and i promised you that i will come to see you once before i die i will make sure i will fulfil that promise. You always will remain in my heart and my mind no matter what life brings. You will always be the one a true love and lover but i hate my life and how it is going at the moment but i hope and i really do hope that i will end up with you for my entire life hun.

My days and nights been dark and cold the past week or so and i hardly smile anymore but the only smiles comes on face sometimes is when i think about you and when i go through your photos and the memories of long night chat, the arguments, the fights, the mid night love talk and the romantic messages. Every time i think about it, it makes me cry and smile at the same time, sometimes i ask myself if I am really crying or laughing.

Sahar Please help me, I’m losing my mind here. They are talking about engagement and shit. I can’t think straight. I just want to die. I’m just one step close joining the drug addicts of Kabul city to just make sure i die quicker. Why the hell i just didn’t die back in NYC or on board the plane Sahar so i wouldn’t be seeing these days. Why didn’t i just die a few years ago when i was sick and nearly died, why didn’t i just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??? LLL

Sahar i don’t know if i will be talking to you again or not, maybe i won’t be around anymore and gone for good, maybe i will just be one of the drug addict of Kabul and next time when you are around you just come check on me and say hello Rehan I am Sahar if you remember. If i still have any memory left maybe i will recognize you and say hi but if not i will just stare at you thinking she must be crazy.

Hun i just want one thing from you but first you have to promise me that you will do it. My life is destroyed and f**ked from top to bottom and from side to side but please you continue the journey without me. You will have to for the sake of our love. Remember once we were talking about if anything happen to one of us the other should continue the story and tell the kids and the world our love story? Well unfortunately that person is me and you are my successor and the person who will have to continue the journey and tell the whole world about our love story and about what a true love is like. Hun i want you to be an example for the rest, i know you will face struggles but i know deep down you are strong enough to face it all, i know you won’t let our love die just like that or i will be really disappointed in you. I want you to write a book and tell the world and change how parents fuck their children’s lives, how parent give birth to a child who’s life will be like hell when they grow up.

Sahar if you continue the journey without me and live your life like a true example you will know that Rehan will be in peace no matter where he is, hell, heaven or Kabul’s gutters. I know it will be hard but i know in my heart you will do it. You have to if our love was true.

Hun i m not going to take your time any longer i will just leave you alone but one more time just letting you know that i love you very much and i will love you and keep you in my heart forever and ever, and that will not change.  But i hate how time at the moment is against us and my love. I hate every second of it to be honest. I wish i could change rewind or fast forward time so i could correct my mistakes and fix any problem and make you mine quicker.

The other day when i talked to you on Face book i really wanted to tell you everything but i just couldn’t do it. I just wanted to talk to you forever. I was scared Sahar, scared of losing you.  Please don’t lose contact with me because you are my heart beat and if I don’t talk to you i will lose everything. I will just die without any pain or cause.

With A lot of LOVE, HUGS and KISSESS

Yours Rehan

Kabul Journal 2012

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Kabul 5th of May 2012


Its Saturday the 5th of May 2012 exactly 12 days since I left home back in Adelaide Australia and i really miss everything back home. It’s nothing like where I live; everything is so different here from city to entertainment to shops and its people. Over 30 years of wars in Afghanistan has destroyed the country which rebuilding of it may take a very long time. Most of its structures are in a very bad condition such as bridges roads, buildings transportation and of course the country’s economy. With continued every day attack and bombing by the Taliban makes life hard for everyone. People can’t trust the country and the current political transition of Afghanistan and a lot of big firms just don’t have the confidence to invest into the country due to every day struggle by the government to take full control of the country and to ensure the people and investors a safe country to invest.

Flying over the region looks amazing with tall mountains deep valleys dry looking single road stretched out white snows covering the tip of the mountains. It is just an amazing scene to experience because its nothing like flying over Australia or Indonesia where you see mostly flat surfaces or ocean but not in this part of the world. All you see are the mountains and nothing else. Coming over Kabul city, it is located between tall mountains again covered with white blanket of snow, the house are very low and flat on the ground looking very muddy with no particular colour. Green vegetation is very hard to see any where around the city except some forms and vegetation lands which are not a lot but only a few hundred meters. When i was flying over Australian cities no matter which one Adelaide or Melbourne all I was seeing everywhere was trees and green vegetation which makes the city looks beautiful and amazing, but not Kabul.

Touching down at Kabul International Airport and to find out that there is very old landing truck with green grass everywhere, I never saw anything like these at any other airport around the world. Helicopter covered everywhere and very old too, military plans all around the air port make you feel like you are at a military airport. Arianna Afghanistan’s national Air line standing still looking very old and out of date. I would be scared to fly in one of them not because i don’t like it but because I can’t fully trust them due to their bad conditions. Going through to the check in counter it is very old and out of date system. In fact looks worst than an Australian regional air port with wooden counters and very unexperienced looking official behind the counter. On board our flight Fly Dubai there was more foreigners than afghan nationals and because it was my first time seeing all of them going to Afghanistan i was like wow so many of other people but no afghans. Anyhow as i walked to the counter and hand in my passport, they guy went through it as well as looking at me to make sure if it is me or something. Last year in January i went on a trip to Bali and Thailand for a short one month holiday with a mate and i tell you it was such an amazing trip and a mouth watering experience for both of us especially for me. That trip opened my eyes about what the world really looks like and what kinds of people exist out there. Anyways the guy at the counter saw the visa from my Bali trip and stared at it for a few seconds before asking me why did i get an Indonesian visa and why did i go there? I was surprised by his questions to be honest and wondered straight away if this guy really knows what he is talking about. At an airport they don’t ask why a person went to other countries but might be asking what the purpose of your travel is? For example, holiday or work or living here because there are a lot of afghan nationals who got dual citizenship with another country’s passport. So i told the guy that i went on a short holiday last year. He looked at me and my passport’s photo a few more times before stamping on it and handing in my passport to me.

As i walked out of the airport I see an empty car park and no people around and emptiness around the airport. It was nothing like Adelaide’s airport where you walkout and you see taxies lining up, people standing around waiting for their friends and families, cars driving pass and a car park full of cars. We walked a few 100 meters into a crowded car park with solders or police officers standing around staring at us like they never seen any human like us before when suddenly one of the trolley man told us this car park is not for passengers, it’s only for rich people who parks their cars and foreigners. We turned back and walked another kilometre straight to get to the gate where everyone was waiting for passengers.

It is amazing how tight the security is around the airport in Kabul. Check point after check point every 10 to 20 mitres with police officers with guns standing around in a group of two or three making you feel very uncomfortable especially for someone who comes from a country like Australia. Finally it’s time to meet and greet the extended family members with them hugging tight and kissing few hundred times on both sides of your cheeks and questions coming from every directions on how the trip was and how was the relatives back in Australia. In a way it is the warmest welcome you can get from a bunch of people. You don’t get that warm welcome in Australia even if you meet a family member after 10 to 20 years. It’s an amazing feeling you get and it really touches your heart and your soul and makes you feel a self worthy person not just a piece of junk.

In Australia when you sit in a car the first thing you do is you put your sit belt on before you even say a word. As i sit in the car and closed the door i immediately pulled the sit belt trying to lock it in but couldn’t find the lock. I asked the person next to me about where the lock is hiding and he burst into laughing loud while everyone in front of us looking back thinking i am crazy or something. I asked if i said anything wrong and the guy next to me who is my cosine Bulla meaning cosine there is no sit belt here in Afghanistan and no one actually wears here anyways. It is the first time sitting in a car without a sit belt on going for a long half an hour drive to my destination. Driving out of airport seeing dirt, broken roads, and polluted air, smoke that you can hardly take a breath in. Humans, cars, motor bike, cycles and dogs running on the same road from different directions makes you feel like you are in a different planet. Traffic is such a big problem in Afghanistan. There is no traffic light or human traffic that can direct the cars. Cars moving inch by inch in a big traffic jam. People are not scared here, the first car to put their nose in is the first car to get out of the mess. People don’t respect the road rules at all, everyone just want to get from point A to point B as soon as they can even if they have go over the footpath or from inside the gutters. It’s amazing how these drivers survive in this situation without any minor accident. If it was in Australia there would be hundreds of accidents each day with hundreds of death but not in this part of the world. My cosine told me a story about how he was going to hospital in a family friend’s car and the car in front of him stop and so did he but the car behind him smashed his indicator light at the back. After getting into arguments the guy whose car was hit told the other guy that it is ok and let him go without any compensation. That’s how people are understanding and solves their problem by respect and tolerance unlike western world where these things are a dream and people will not leave without compensation.

After half an hour drive and reaching out destination it’s time to sit back, relax and have a cup of tea where it is a tradition of the Afghan people when someone comes to your house the first thing you do is you serve them tea and sweet and start the conversation. This is all part of life here in Afghanistan and people love it. After few hours of conversation, question and answer time it’s finally time to get some real rest, I am talking about getting some sleep before more and more people will pour into the house to see the new comers who come from a foreign land called Australia. Honestly people respect guests a lot in this part of the world but when you come from overseas like Australia they will have more respect for you. Somehow it’s very obvious that people know that you are not from here straight away when you walk in the street even though u look like them and u talk similar and still they stare at you like they never seen any human like you before.

Anyhow they next few days will be my rest day at home, more and more people will come to visit us and we will have to go to people’s houses too but that’s not until later on. Its day 2 of my visit in Kabul and I am already bored as hell. Back at home I used to be busy with gym, clients, and friends or at home laying down watching TV or serving the net and being on face book. It is the 5th of May 2012 my first day going out of the house to where they call it Bazaar or what we call it town/city. The good thing is that the house I am living at is on the very road where we will have to catch our ride to city or Bazaar which gives us less of a hassle from walking for miles and miles before catching transport like some of the other people living in the same areas. The roads are not concreted like Australian roads; it’s just a pile of rubbles on top of each other making a road just like a country road on outskirts of South Australia maybe a little worst. A trip that would take less than 10 minutes would normally take as long as 20 minutes or even half an hour just because the roads are absolutely in terrible condition. The transport system in Afghanistan is as bad as the roads. There is no proper transport system in place like Australia, anyone with a car or a bus can get on the road and start picking up passengers and start making money in this country. From where I live to go to city i have to catch one of those car which can carry eight people in total but not here in Afghanistan. They try to carry as many passengers as they can so they can make more money. They don’t care about safety or passenger satisfactions. A sit where 3 people are a loud in Australia, here they carry 4 people in that sit. Where you put your legs another 3 or 4 people sits. A car that has been designed to carry eight passengers with full safety and protection here in Afghanistan they double that number by carrying at least 20 or so people or they won’t even move an inch from their stations.

Buses are the same; they carry as many passengers as possible to the point where everyone sticks against another person next to them. The buses are not big either, just mini bus size buses with woman sitting at the front just behind the driver and the men moving to the back of the bus. Often people complain and start swearing to the bus staff members for pushing more and more people in the bus. The fares are cheap but buses are often crowded and just like buses in Australia they stopes every few second making the already long trip longer. Every bus has a driver and a helping hand person where they call him “cliner” who calls out for passengers to get on or when people want to get off or collecting the fares. The cliners as they call them try to get as many people as possible and make as much fare as they possibly can in one trip. A lot of people hate travelling on the bus but because they are cheap they have no other choice but to catch it. Other people who can afford the fares they catch either a taxi, private car which is again just like a taxi or one of those smaller cars which carry 20 passengers in a car which is designed to carry only eight people. I personally hate all of them but taxi; private cars are the only comfortable way to get around Kabul city if you don’t care about fares.

Getting around Kabul city is not as easy as Adelaide. Streets without names, crowded, kids trying to sell chocolate and hand bags, restaurant waiters trying to get you into their restaurant by naming what they cook and how tasty and nice they are. There are thieves that can rob your money, passport or any other belongings from your pockets in a blink of an eye. In fact Kabul’s thieves are famous in the world. They can steal your money in crowded places like a market, in a car a bus or somewhere where it involves people standing or sitting close together. I lost $100 a few days ago which I don’t know where, but i am just guessing that one of the robbers robed my pocket. I am still hoping it dropped off my pocket around the house and mum picked it up but will have to ask mum. It’s amazing how these people rob your pockets, some of them dress up in nice clothes just like an office worker or a rich kid and one touch against your body and the next thing you will see is your money is not in your pocket or your phone. It doesn’t have to be money in your pocket; some people have a note book or a piece of paper or anything that show that there is something in your pocket they will take it from you.

For someone who is new in this part of the world shopping in Kabul can be hard. When you go to a shop the shop keepers tell you a price that’s very high in fact higher than normal market prices. They tell you that something cost you 1000 Afghani when the real price is no more than 500 Afghani. Most people in Afghanistan kind of beg for lower prices even if the shop keeper lower the prices still the ask about if they can lower it even more. That’s how it is in here and if you don’t know how to do that than honestly you will get ripped off big time. They will sale you something double their prices.

Life can be hard for some people in Kabul if they don’t have education or a business of their own. People get out of their houses in the morning and go stand on a cross intersection of a busy area of the city and wait for someone to come and pick them up and take them to work. Normally its trade work like building sites labourers and everyday cleaners and so on. Sometimes people sit almost half of the day before returning home with no food and no money because there wasn’t anyone to take them to work. It depends how lucky they are. People come and collect pieces of metal from houses and try to sale them to make a few dollars a day. An average person lives on less than $20 a day and they are happy with that.

Going to Hazarajat which is a mountaineer part of the country and where mostly Hazara tribe lives. Hazaras are a minority group which make around 10%  of the total population and who are very different in religion, colour and also look. They are believed to be the descendent of Ghangez Khan who was once the ruler of almost all Asia and a part of Europe. Ghangez Khan was believed to be a ruler who used to rule by fist and swords. He would kill anyone who wouldn’t want to be part of his empire and who wouldn’t bow to him. He was believed to be a very cruel man to those who hated him and very fateful to those who used to follow him.

Hazarajat is my home town, where i was born and breed till i was older and flee to Pakistan due to prosecution by the Taliban who are Pashtons and the majority of Afghanistan’s population. Hazara people always has been prosecuted against, killed, murdered and wasn’t allowed to work in public and government offices due to being Hazara and Shia Muslim. A lot of the Sunni muslims who are the majority of the population in Afghanistan and around the world believes that Shia Muslims are in fiddles or Kafir due to being Shia despite us following the same God, the same Book, praying to same direction Mecca and who’s believes are almost the same. The only difference is that Shia Islam believes Ali who was the son in law of the Prophet Mohammad and who was the closest person to him was the next person to lead Islam but Sunni Muslims believes Abubakar who was one of the followers of the prophet was the next person to lead Muslims. That’s the only difference but these people make it such a big issue when there is not even that much differences.

Anyways during Taliban era hazara people was killed and murdered in hundreds even their womean and children. Better looking women were picked up and was taken as prostitute and the rest was killed in cold blood by cutting their throats even the elders and children as young as one year old. People’s house was burned down to the ground so they wouldn’t be able to live anywhere and die of hunger and cold. Girls as young as ten were gang raped by these people who they called themselves Muslim and followers of Islam. Women’s and girls’ couldn’t go to work school or even outside the house without a man present with them as a matter of fact. Anyhow there was a lot of cruelty against hazara people in Afghanistan since the 1980 even before that until now, even now despite a government which is lead by western world there are discrimination against hazaras in all walks of life. A lot of Pashtons believes that hazaras are not from Afghanistan and they should get out and have no right to be called Afghan like Pashtons and Tajiks.

If people of Afghanistan come together and try to work as one and try to work towards a better Afghanistan which was around 30 years ago than there will be a possibility or else Afghanistan will be the same which it is at the moment in another 20 years. People will hate each other, there will be harassment in every way that you could think, and there will be discrimination against minorities and woman and religion. Afghanistan can be one of the richest and most valuable country among its neighbours and that can only happen when people of Afghanistan work as one and only for one purpose to take the country towards a better future for the country and also for its people not just Pashtons but every single afghan citizen. Afghanistan have a lot of natural resources which hasn’t been touched yet for example natural gas which is probably number 1 in the world, gold, silver, metal, coal, copper and other resources which hasn’t been discovered. Afghanistan’s resources hasn’t been touched since the beginning of the time and once upon a time Afghanistan will be a very rich country but only if its people really wants to and have the guts to put their hands up and say yes we want an independent and a great Afghanistan.

I returned back to Australia on 17 of June 2012 after a month of stress and struggle with what happened in my life back there. It was a journey that will be remember for ever wither it is for good reasons or bad can’t be discussed here but it was defiantly a very experiencing journey which opened my eyes a little more wider towards the world and of course towards Afghanistan the country its self as well. To me it was a life changing journey and it actually changed my life in every ways. i only hope it is for good and not anything out of ordinary.


A natural medicine for your body

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everyday millions of people uses medication to prevent, cure, stop or treat certain sickness and disease. People are so addicted to these pain killers that they take for every single symptoms from a normal tension headache to a muscle pain and so on. People say that they never use drugs but the reality is that they use it every single day a drug which can be dangerous and addictive.

People are too blind these days to open their eyes and to have a look around them for a better cure and prevention of any types of disease or sickness which is nature. Humans have been occupied this world for thousands of years and cured their disease and sickness without the drugs that we have today, they used the wide nature to treat it. One of the best thing about nature is that it doesn’t have any side effect like todays drugs has, it might cure you a little longer but it is for the better unlike the drugs we uses today which has a quick effect and also has so many side effects which stays for the rest of your life.

One of the best natural medication for prevention of any kinds of disease are Fitness. A lot of people these days forget about their health and fitness in order for a wealthy life style. Doing regular exercise prevent and cures most of todays medical conditions such as Asthma, diabetes, lung, heart condition and a lot more. A lot of people runs for a drug pain killer rather than exercising which is a dump thing to do.

I used to have headache every few days and it wouldn’t stop without taking a pain killer for it. Since i started exercising regularly my headache stopped and totally finished, i sleep better and also my mood is good. One of the benefits of exercising which i have noticed is that i rarely get cold, flue or any other everyday seasonal flue which is very common among people and this can be cured by keeping a fit and healthy inner system of your body. A person don’t know and cant feel the benefits until they actually exercise regularly.

exercise consists of cardio and weight training have a lot of benefits which i discussed earlier also it makes you feel good about your self and give you the confident that you need for everyday living. Research suggest that regular exercise can make your feel and look younger by 5 to 10 years than a person who doesn’t. The truth you can see your self in people who are sports people and who has been doing regular exercise in the past and still doing.

So make a healthy life style and regular exercise one of the most important part of your life and i am sure you will feel and look a lot better in the coming months and years. It is still not too late to start it if you want to be a better and looking better person inside and outside. Set a goal, focus on it and achieve it. Thats how i did it and still continuing.

Any questions or concerns, please email me or ask me online and i would love to help you out in the best possible way.

MY Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist

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September 11th changed American history as well as the history of the world. There is a conspiracy that September 11 was a planed act of the US government in order to lead the world into a new era. US government was losing its grip from the public and wanted to do something in order to take the control of the country and its people, to do this there was no better plan than crushing down the two towers and killing 3,000 people in it. According to some of the best and well known engineers from within America doesn’t believe that one of the most secure and well build still building in America which is the twin tower would clap as a result of a plan crushing into it. Because USA is one of the best country who does best in still work. According to these engineers and eye witnesses who were present at the sight includes Police officers, TV reporter and locals there was several big bang explosions before the building came down to the ground.  An investigation reported that as soon as the sight was cleared off smokes the FBI took charge of the sight and shipped the steels from the twin towers to China for melting and redesigning. Also the report said that despite that twin towers was packed with computers and other documents, after the crush there was absolute nothing left for forensics science to know what really happened. Everything and anything was destroyed and no evidence was left for any investigation bodies to investigate. I really do not want to go in detail because the truth will soon come out and everyone will know what really happened and why.

What happened after 9/11 changed the whole history of the world. It rewrite the history in some scene. A world which saw a lot of wars in the past started to see it again. Thousands of people died, millions more displaced, people lost their houses, friends and family members just in the name of terror and terrorist which never existed. 9/11 changed a lot of lives of course for worst and specially for mu slimes who these wars were fought in the name of. Muslims were targeted and humiliated in every corner of the world even in their home countries. A lot of people thought world war 3 will start soon, because of the hatred Islam and the West.

My name is Khan is a movie about a Muslim man who travels to America in order for a better life and who got this mental problem but he is a very bright and smart person who believes in all human kind as being one. In America Khan falls in love with a woman who works at a hair saloon. slowly they spend time together and both fall in love. The woman is a single woman with a young son who were in America and is enrolled in an American school. Soon they get married and living a happy life with Khan working as a sale consultant at his brother’s perfume shop.

At school their young son involves in a fight with other kids who calls him a terrorist, the boy resists and and get bashed up by this group of young school mates. The boy dies by the time he gets to the hospital due to an internal injury. His mother blames her husband Khan for the accident for comming to their life and for being a muslim man. She asks Khan to live her and never to come back until he goes to the president of America and tell him that he is a Muslim and he is not a terrorist.

Khan leaves home in search of the president to tell him he is a Muslim and he is not a terrorist.  On his way to White House Khan faces many challenges including accommodation and financial problems. Khan comes across a small town in mid west and meet an African American woman who’s husband died in the war. Khan stays with the family for a day and soon on his way to the white house. President Obama is due to come for a speech in a school and Khan thinks it is the best opportunity to tell the president that he is not terrorist. Mr Obama is due to arrive and public is cheering when Khan shouts from the crowd ; Mr president my name is Khan and i am not a terrorist; when the guard get him thinking that he said he is a terrorist, in the mean time a camera crew record  and put his comment on the news where he says ‘ my name is khan and i am not a terrorist’ it takes the media’s attention and soon Khan is released with out any charges.

Mean while there is a Torrnedo on its way to hit the small town where Khan met the African woman. He hurries to the rescue of the town  where a group of camera crew  follows him and see him how he helps the devastated town. Soon he is on the news and again get the attention of the American public and the media of how a Muslim man came to help of a small American town where he spended less than 24 hours of his life. Soon the public and media gets behind him and soon he is back on his way to meet once again the president and tell him that he is not a terrorist.

This time he is successful and tells President Obama that he is a Muslim, he is not a terrorist and he lost his son because of it. Soon Obama tells the public that how courages is Khan and everyone else should be like him. When his wife hear  that on TV she is on her way to appologise to her husband Khan and never to live him again.

Khan becomes successful in order to tell the president and the world his message that he is a Muslim man he is not a terrorist. The whole idea of the movie is to tell everyone around the world that every Muslim man is not a terrorist and people should open their minds and eyes before they judge someone. Terrorists are people who doesn’t have a religion and who doesn’t care about any religion. Islam prohibited violence to the full specially against womans, children and innocent people. Islam is a religion of peace, prosperity and love. Because of some maniac it doesn’t mean that all Muslims are bad. Every group and every religion has bad and good. People should take a good look inside and out before they judge not with a closed eyes and ears. that makes the world a very dangerous place for everyone.