My life

My Journey: From childhood untill now.

When you are a child you never think about anything in life axcept play, fun, cartoon, cuddle, gifts, candy and more importantly to love and be loved. Unfortunatley my self didn’t had many of these opportunities in life. Of course i had play time, fun and was loved dearly by many people in my life. As a child  my life was not as perfect as the other children in the community, this is because i was not normal like other kids, i had disabilities, i was ill and weak, i couldn’t play as much as the other kids neither could i be like other kids.

Growing up in a little village in a country where there was always wars and fighting i never had the chance to live and see the big cities of my country. I always thought every part of the world would look like this village, muddy houses, narrow roads, green valley, fresh water running down the river and people who you see and meet every single day. Of course this was when i was a little child, old enough to think about these things, i guess i was smarter then any other kids and sweeter too by the way.

When i was about five years of age, i became really ill. My dad worked overseas, me my brother and my mother lived with the rest of the family, like uncles and their wifes, big family of mainly formers. According to what my mother told me, my grand mother was the head of the house, she had all the money which my dad used to send from overseas, she would make the decisions and had every right or wrong which had to be decided in our house, she was the boss. When i got sick my mum wanted to take me to the bigger city for treatment, but apparently my grand mother refused to give her any money, she told my mother that this kid isn’t going to get any better so let it be like this untill the day i would die i guess, its just a wast of money taking him to big city for treatment.

Some how my mum sold most of her jewellary and made enough money to take me to Kabul (big city) for treatment. After a few months being at the hospital and getting all kinds of treatment unfortunatley the Doctors at the hospital told my mum that i can’t be treated, there is nothing the Doctors could do to make me better, he told my mum to take her son and go home and wait for the day untill i was dieing. Of course the Doctor didn’t said exactly the same thing, but thats what they meant, anyways Mum lost all the hopes in the world for me to be normal, mum thought i was going to die in a few weeks or few days. She packed all her stuff and was on her way back to the village an 12 hours drive where i meant to die and would be my last stand against life. Meanwhile there was a news at the village that i am dead already. everyone in my family prepared for funneral and leting people know that i was dead, but i still had some times to live and was still alive.

On the way to home mum made one final move for the hope of me getting better. Mum took me to a local Dr hundred kilometers away from my home town. The doctor had a check up on me, gave me an injection and gave me a prescription for a few months of medications and told my mum that hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That meant that mum should hope for my life, but there was a narrow chance of me getting away from death. After a few weeks of taking the medication i showed sign of coming back to normal, i started to get better, stronger and started playing with other kids in the community, in a few months i was completely normal. Mum went back to the doctore and thanked him for his support and took another prescription for me to get 100% normal and get back on my feet, and i did.

For years i was a normal kid, living a normal dream, fun, enjoying and getting my self dirty playing in the dirt. I loved playing in the dirt and sands so does every child. It is because that human is made of mud and goes back to mudd when we are dead, so i guess that’s why we love it so much. As a teen i had many friends which i used to play with, have fun and grow up with and had a good life experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It is amazing, isn’t it? A kid so weak, so helpless, so ill and so unfortunate to have a normal life, grow up, and live a dream. Its all God (Allah) who does his magic, who shows his mercy, who cares of us humans so much, who is kind and who forgive us and everything we done. I guess god used that magic on me, to bring a dieing kid from the dead back to life and giving me a chance to live again. God can do anything, its just you have to ask god from your heart, have feath in him and he will make everything wright for you.

Its summer 1996, my dad came back from overseas and everyone is so happy, always there is laugh, jokes and singing going around the house. People of the village comes and goes to see my dad and bring good wishes to my family by bringing sweets and so on. There are lights in every room of the two story house so is people. Thats how it is, when someone comes from abroad, they are welcomed by the family and villager and there are gattering and party for about two weeks. Every night there are good food, whole family and good entertaiments, i guess it is one the happiest time in our family.

My dad always loved us and specially me, because back then i was a kid who was treated for illness and i was loved by everyone in the family. He always used to take me to the shop and buy me candies and lollies, toyes and anything that i would like to get my hands on. He always used to bring expesive toyes from abroad which non of the villager’s kids could ever dream about, so i guess i was lucky one.  Dad loved me because as a kid i was always well mannered, sweet, nice and good kid in the village, i think everyone loved me in the village.

I was mostly, dearly and unconditionally loved by one person in the family, and that was my auntie. She was more of like second mother to me. She didn’t had any kids i guess thats why she loved me so much. There was nothing on earth that i couldn’t get from her, she would gave anything i would ask for, things that my mum wouldn’t dare to given me. She always saved me when i was in trouble, she would even cover and if my mum was smacking me. She would do anything to save me and get me out of trouble. This one time i stole alot of money from the a save, went to the shop and bought toys, candies and lollies and i got into a big trouble, my mum tighed my legs and wanted to bash me, obviousley i had stolen a lot of money, i was beaten badly untill my auntie came and covered and while she was getting hit by a rubber stick. A few days latter she showed me all the bruses and black spots all over her body, i cried and told her to forgive me, it was all my fault, but you know what she told me, Dont worry while i am still alive there is nothing in this world that can hurt you or take away from me. Today i still remember that sentence she told me.

Its the year 1996, my dad decided that my dad would take his family to Pakistan to make it easier for him to come and visit us from oversea more often. Dad also thought that if we go to Pakistan there would be better oppurtunities for us kids to study and bcome someone in our lives. We packed our stuff and headed towards Pakistan, when we got to Pakistan, i saw a big city, more people, more cars, more smokes, more houses and more shops all around. I had never seen such a big city before in my entire life, i was amazed and at the same time i felt bad to leave all my family and friends back home and come into an unknown territory where everything was different from back home.

In the next few months i was all getting used to my new home town and the surroundings, my dad put me into school to learn the language and i started making friends and soon i started to forget everything about my past life, of course there was times when i felt lonley and sad because of all the family and friends i had back at home, but there was no going back so i tried to live in the present not in the past.

Soon my dad baught a house in a different area of the city, we moved in and again there was new people, new surroundings and i had to make new friends. Do you know how hard it is to get used a new place and new surrounding once you used to an old one? It is too difficult. Any ways, after a few months of strugling in my new school soon i was one of the trust worthy student in my school, teachers trusted me, students liked me and soon i was one of the head of school student and i had the power to control students behaviour inside and out of school yard. Everyone respected me and so did i. I had a good place in the heart and minds of all the teachers, principle and the students. I had so many friends and we always used to play soccer, go the restaurant and eat kebab and had a laugh at things. It was one of the most unforgetable times of my life to be honest, i wont forget all those times, too sweet to forget.

2001, a new year which will bring love, happiness, wealth and good life to some, but for some it will be the end, or the worst time in their lives. But for me it was the best in some ways, and the worst in other ways. In this year my dad decided that i should go to Australia. Iwanted to but i was scared, i had never left my family for a big trip and at the same time i was really excited and ready to go. Of course this was illegally entring Australia. I made a passport, got abord on the plan and headed to Indonesia. after a few months being away from home i was starting to get worried, scared, tired and started missing my family and my home. I wished i had never came this way. It was hard for a 15 year old to travel abroad with no travelling experiences or being away from home. but it was the most amazing experiencs i ever had.

It was a night with full moon in the sky right above our head. It is 1 o’clock in the morning and we are getting abord a small fishing boat which meant to take us to Australia. There was rushing, screaming, children crying and man shouting all around me, i got my self in the boat as soon as i got of the bus and made sure that i was one of the first one to get into the boat. Of course one thing that i couldn’t do was swimming, i was scared if the boat sink i would be the first one who would die because of no swimming experiences, bul luckley there was some live jackets which smartley i took one first.

310 People abord on a boat which was good enough for 100 people. We left the Island and it is about four in the morning when a big storm hit our way. It was raining and there was big waves which used to push the boat up high and smash back to the surface of the water, i thought it was the end, i thought we all would die that night, kids, woman and man were crying and asking god for help. God save us, got help us, god get us to our destination safley for the sake of these womans and childrens. shouting all around me and i coverd my ear tight with my hand and shut my eyes as hard as i could and prayed to god in my heart asking for mecry and wisdom.

Soon i was a sleep, and there was this voice calling my name “get up and eat” i thought it was the voice of god, because i thought we would die that night, so i got up and saw everyone around me is eating the foods that they brought up with them and hearing the moaning of engine and i said to my self, looks like we are still alive. I got up and had food andog over the the ship where alot of people were just sitting and looking around and chatting one another. I sat on the eidge of the boat and see a clear sky up, a blue ocean with no sign of islands or tree and fish flying in and out of the water. All day i was on the top of the boat, getting sun bath and burn.

Around 5pm we saw an Island, which was Chrismas Island an Australian territory. everyone was happy and cheering and waving, i was one of them. As soon as we got close to the island we were surounded by big ships and boat and armer personal. We got checked and was detained and questioned by customs. After a week of quesitoning we were then departed to Wommera Detention camp where, everyone was interviewd and questioned again, we were behind bars like criminals, but we had no other choice but keep our voices down and wait for the outcome. In the camp there was people who had been their for 3 to 4 years, just because they didn’t give a good case of why they were in Australia, they all came from all the war torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraqe and other parts of the world. We as minors were getting special treatments, we had our TV, table tennis, games and when it was meal time we were the first one to get food and more milk. It was ok but i missed my family and had no outside world contact. It was hard and harsh to be in the middle of no where in a camp like an animal.

Three months latter i was discharged and brought to Adelaide where i stayed with a family foster care and with some mroe guys like me, went to school and tried to make new friends. The first thing i did was that i find out a way to contact my family and let them know that i was safe and sound living in Australia which they were so happy about the news. While i was attending school of english to learn the language it was the most difficult time of my life. I couldn’t spoken a word of english and had no idea what people were talking on the bus with me. I felt like a dumb and deaf.

After months and years of struggling with my language, i finally could speack and knew my way around and had friends and would go to social clubs to play soccer and meet new people. But one thing was clear, i missed my family so much,  i used to cry sometimes at night, but not too loud so the foster carer didn’t hear me. It was hard and one of the most difficult times of my life.

In January 2006 i did a family reunion and got my family to come and live here  with me in Adelaide. I have  a younger brother and sister with mum and dad who lives with me at the moment. My brother and sister loves their new home, has friends, mum and dad likes it but they have issues with their language like i had when i came here first. But with each others help, support we are managing day by day in a good way. We are all happy here and we are lucky to be here in this great country.

So this is how my life story is untill now, but still i got years ahead of me, who knows what other life adventures i will encounter during my life, but hope it is something worth while, like the move from my village to Pakistan and to here Australia.

Mean while

The journey is to be continued……………


6 Responses to “My life”

  1. i like it very intersting :p

  2. i like it, its very interesting

  3. wow
    to read ur story its so sad
    but its good that now u have agreat life.
    wish u all the best and success for your future.
    always be happy

  4. hello brother i read ur life story it was sad and intersting.
    i hope u havin agood life there .

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