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8 habits for a good night sleep

Posted in Health and Fitness on August 18, 2013 by Nomad

Can’t sleep at night? 8 Habits to Build a Better Night’s Sleep Sleep, along with training and nutrition, is one of the three pillars of a healthy body. Each pillar is as equally important as the others, and if even one of them is neglected, your body will never function to it’s true potential. Despite the importance of a restful night’s sleep, the statistics made available to us from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a large percentage of the U.S. population simply doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep each night. In fact number of sleep deprived citizens is estimated to be between 50-70 million people. This is a problem because a lack of sleep will quickly mess up your hormonal profile, including the lowering of key muscle-building and recovery hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. This alone will leave you more prone to putting on fat, slow your recovery, and make gains in both strength and muscle hard to come by. The key to improving both your quantity and quality of sleep is developing better bedtime habits. By doing this, you will teach your body that it’s time to shut down for the night, and markedly improve your sleep quality over the long term – without the need for pills, prescriptions, or even expensive sleep apnea tests. Outlined below are actionable steps that you can take immediately in order to better prepare your body for sleep. Give these wind down tricks a trial for at least one week and I’m sure sleep quality will improve out of sight. If it doesn’t improve in the first week, don’t worry. Different people respond to habitual intervention at different rates, and you might just need to give it a little longer.

1) Set a regular bedtime. Remember, building better habits is a crucial part of improving sleep quality, and one of those habits is going to bed around the same time each and every night. When sleep becomes a part of a regular routine, then falling asleep on time becomes infinitely easier.

2) Make your bedroom as dark as possible. Think about it – we were designed to sleep in dark caves, with no artificial light around us. Our sleep is markedly improved when we lay in a room that is pitch black. The less light you can let in to your room, the better. Sometimes, even a dull glow from an alarm clock is enough to disrupt our sleep patterns, so aim to get rid of every little bit of light from your room.

3) Turn off all electronic devices an hour or two before bed. This means no laptop, no TV, no iPad/Pod, or anything else before bed. The luminous displays from said electronic devices have been shown to suppress melatonin production – a key ingredient to a good night’s rest.

4) Apply some magnesium oil. Magnesium is a known sleep-boosting mineral. The problem with most oral-based magnesium supplements, however, is that they aren’t absorbed optimally. To get the most out of magnesium you need to rub it into your skin, and that’s where magnesium oil comes in. The best time to do it is right after your nightly shower.

5) Read before bed, but nothing too stimulating. I personally find that autobiographies are great bedtime reads. They help you wind down, but don’t get your mind racing like some fiction novels do, which can be counter to a deep sleep.

6) Stretch. Going through a series of static stretches, preferably after a warm shower, will help mellow out your body and make you feel good in general. This will translate to better sleep, and you’ll also start to get rid of those niggling areas of pain.

7) Get out in the sun. Get at least fifteen minutes of direct sunshine every day. This will help increase your melatonin levels, which will improve your quality of sleep. It will also save your from having to turn to melatonin supplements in order to sleep better.

8) Drink some chamomile tea half an hour before sleep. Chamomile has been shown to reduce anxiety and help relax the body. Outside of that, I don’t know of many things more relaxing than sitting with a warm cup of tea and slowly sipping away at it as you prepare for bed. Getting a full night of quality sleep will lead to better gains in both performance and aesthetics. Remember that getting a better night’s rest is built upon good bedtime habits, and actively seek to improve these. You’ll end up with a clearer mind during the day, and a better body, to boot.

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A natural medicine for your body

Posted in Health and Fitness on April 5, 2010 by Nomad

everyday millions of people uses medication to prevent, cure, stop or treat certain sickness and disease. People are so addicted to these pain killers that they take for every single symptoms from a normal tension headache to a muscle pain and so on. People say that they never use drugs but the reality is that they use it every single day a drug which can be dangerous and addictive.

People are too blind these days to open their eyes and to have a look around them for a better cure and prevention of any types of disease or sickness which is nature. Humans have been occupied this world for thousands of years and cured their disease and sickness without the drugs that we have today, they used the wide nature to treat it. One of the best thing about nature is that it doesn’t have any side effect like todays drugs has, it might cure you a little longer but it is for the better unlike the drugs we uses today which has a quick effect and also has so many side effects which stays for the rest of your life.

One of the best natural medication for prevention of any kinds of disease are Fitness. A lot of people these days forget about their health and fitness in order for a wealthy life style. Doing regular exercise prevent and cures most of todays medical conditions such as Asthma, diabetes, lung, heart condition and a lot more. A lot of people runs for a drug pain killer rather than exercising which is a dump thing to do.

I used to have headache every few days and it wouldn’t stop without taking a pain killer for it. Since i started exercising regularly my headache stopped and totally finished, i sleep better and also my mood is good. One of the benefits of exercising which i have noticed is that i rarely get cold, flue or any other everyday seasonal flue which is very common among people and this can be cured by keeping a fit and healthy inner system of your body. A person don’t know and cant feel the benefits until they actually exercise regularly.

exercise consists of cardio and weight training have a lot of benefits which i discussed earlier also it makes you feel good about your self and give you the confident that you need for everyday living. Research suggest that regular exercise can make your feel and look younger by 5 to 10 years than a person who doesn’t. The truth you can see your self in people who are sports people and who has been doing regular exercise in the past and still doing.

So make a healthy life style and regular exercise one of the most important part of your life and i am sure you will feel and look a lot better in the coming months and years. It is still not too late to start it if you want to be a better and looking better person inside and outside. Set a goal, focus on it and achieve it. Thats how i did it and still continuing.

Any questions or concerns, please email me or ask me online and i would love to help you out in the best possible way.

How to look sexy and stanning for summer

Posted in Health and Fitness on December 12, 2009 by Nomad

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The beauty of Health & wellbeing

Posted in Health and Fitness on December 12, 2009 by Nomad

what is the beauty of health and wellbeing? How does it all begin? Why doesn’t people care about wellbeing? What can people to do achieve their health and wellbeing goals? These are the questions which i would like to discuses in this topic of my health and fitness blog. I hope you find it helpful and motivated to get you started with what ever health and wellbeing goals you may have in your life to achieve. And i would like to wish you all good luck.

First i want to explain what a beauty of health is and than we will carry on answering all the questions. Beauty of health is when someone  is healthy enough to be proud of their health. It is to be fit, active and social in their everyday life. It is when someone doesn’t attend a doctor everyday, who doesn’t take any medications or who is involved in some kind of sports or activities to keep them fit and healthy. When you exercise and consuming healthy food each day than you will be healthy and fit and when people are healthy and fit they are happy in their everyday lives, they have less stress, they think positive and are more social. Thats why i call the beauty of health and wellbeing, a beauty which a lot of people ignore and lose interest. I guess they haven’t seen its beauty and the feeling that comes with it.

It all begins with a little goal setting and than you are set up from there on. Everything starts from little and grows larger and larger as time passes. First with a small change in your everyday activities and build up on it, e.g. my goal for this week is to walk at the park for 30 minutes each day, keep up with the goal and set another goal for upcoming week. You will see results and the benefits that comes with it in no time. People often get to lazy to make the first move which is to set a goal. Once you do that stage the rest of it will be easy and enjoyable. You will love and enjoy each moment after that. So make a plan, set a goal and stick to it no matter how unmotivated you feel that day or how hot or cold the weather is. Just do it.

People often being too lazy, uneducated, unmotivated and unappreciated about why they don’t care about their health and wellbeing. laziness is one of the main objective here which stops people from taking a walk in the park or walking a few miters each day to be active and keep them selves happy and healthy. Technology is another reason which keep people away from reaching there goals. A lot of people which includes kids, teenagers and also adult to stay indoor and play game, be on the internet or watch TV. It is sad how people are choosing to go on the wrong path of life by not doing exercise and not being active. I think people in Australia doesn’t appreciate the resources that they have because in some countries governments doesn’t provides children or adults with parks, ovals and other sporting activities which we have, but still kids and teenagers in those countries get outside of their houses and keep them selves active and fit. Who will benefit from watching TV, or going on the internet or playing play station? of course not us, its the companies and cooperations which makes millions of dolors while we are put in a trap. We need to get out of houses and start using our parks and sporting resources to keep our selves active and healthy.

What can people do to achieve these goals? It is not hard to get started but need a little bit of courage and motivation. As i said in the previous paragraph people needs to give up their play time with TV, internet and X Box gaming. People need to join sporting clubs and organisations, use the parks and beaches that we are lucky enough to have. parents should allocate times for their children to go outside and play and to play game at home and serve the internet. Parents should go for a run with their whole family at the local park or get a gym membership if they dont like going outside. There are a lot of ways which people can do to change their life and bring more happiness and wellbeing. Start small and finish big. Its never too late to start to achieve your health and fitness goal, because a healthy living is the beauty of life.

Zak Hussaini

(CEO Zak’s Personal Training) Adelaide South Australia