About Me

HI there; my name is Zaker but my friends call me Zak, i guess that is easy and simple. Now adays people are lazy and they can’t just say full name, everything got a nick name, even words can be used in short forms. Anewaysl, i should talk about my self not nick names and why people use it.

Originally i was born in a little village called Dan-e-Darbed in central Afghanistan near Kabul. When i was about ten years of age when my parents moved to Quetta Pakistan to make it easier for my dad, because he worked as a baker in Kuwite a country in Middle East. I attended school there for a few years before i moved to Australia as a refugee with out my parents, at the time i was fifteen years of age. I live in Adelaide South Australia. I attended English school and moved on to high school and University. I am a first year student at University of South Australia studying Human Resource Management.

There are lots complication and sad stories about my life in the past but i am glad im here in Australia and living as a free man and having the opportunity to study and live my life democratically and share my opinion with the rest of the world. I might be able to tell some of my stories, from my childhood untill now, all the hardship i have seen, all the things which i am sure no one else would like to experience.

I am new with blogging and the reason for me to blog is to tell my stories, share my life experiences and to let you know about what i think about things. I hope you read my blogs and enjoy it and share your opinion with me and say what you think about my blogs. Thank you and have fun in here.

Zaker Hussaini


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Salam Zak
    although i’m not ur friend but i call that because it’s easy to say.
    Nice story u have i hope one day u finish ur uni and help ur family then ur country. my dream is also is to finish my uni and go back to Afghanistan and help my country.

    • thanx for the comment, really appreciate you taking the time to read it. Wish you all the best and keep in touch. Thanx again and take care…seyaa


  2. salam Zaker jan!
    how are you and how is going life?
    well its good to know you.
    hope that i will know u more and also about ur life.
    have a great time with family and friends.

  3. thanx for the comment. lookin forward to get to know ya better…..take care seya. zaker

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