MY Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist

September 11th changed American history as well as the history of the world. There is a conspiracy that September 11 was a planed act of the US government in order to lead the world into a new era. US government was losing its grip from the public and wanted to do something in order to take the control of the country and its people, to do this there was no better plan than crushing down the two towers and killing 3,000 people in it. According to some of the best and well known engineers from within America doesn’t believe that one of the most secure and well build still building in America which is the twin tower would clap as a result of a plan crushing into it. Because USA is one of the best country who does best in still work. According to these engineers and eye witnesses who were present at the sight includes Police officers, TV reporter and locals there was several big bang explosions before the building came down to the ground.  An investigation reported that as soon as the sight was cleared off smokes the FBI took charge of the sight and shipped the steels from the twin towers to China for melting and redesigning. Also the report said that despite that twin towers was packed with computers and other documents, after the crush there was absolute nothing left for forensics science to know what really happened. Everything and anything was destroyed and no evidence was left for any investigation bodies to investigate. I really do not want to go in detail because the truth will soon come out and everyone will know what really happened and why.

What happened after 9/11 changed the whole history of the world. It rewrite the history in some scene. A world which saw a lot of wars in the past started to see it again. Thousands of people died, millions more displaced, people lost their houses, friends and family members just in the name of terror and terrorist which never existed. 9/11 changed a lot of lives of course for worst and specially for mu slimes who these wars were fought in the name of. Muslims were targeted and humiliated in every corner of the world even in their home countries. A lot of people thought world war 3 will start soon, because of the hatred Islam and the West.

My name is Khan is a movie about a Muslim man who travels to America in order for a better life and who got this mental problem but he is a very bright and smart person who believes in all human kind as being one. In America Khan falls in love with a woman who works at a hair saloon. slowly they spend time together and both fall in love. The woman is a single woman with a young son who were in America and is enrolled in an American school. Soon they get married and living a happy life with Khan working as a sale consultant at his brother’s perfume shop.

At school their young son involves in a fight with other kids who calls him a terrorist, the boy resists and and get bashed up by this group of young school mates. The boy dies by the time he gets to the hospital due to an internal injury. His mother blames her husband Khan for the accident for comming to their life and for being a muslim man. She asks Khan to live her and never to come back until he goes to the president of America and tell him that he is a Muslim and he is not a terrorist.

Khan leaves home in search of the president to tell him he is a Muslim and he is not a terrorist.  On his way to White House Khan faces many challenges including accommodation and financial problems. Khan comes across a small town in mid west and meet an African American woman who’s husband died in the war. Khan stays with the family for a day and soon on his way to the white house. President Obama is due to come for a speech in a school and Khan thinks it is the best opportunity to tell the president that he is not terrorist. Mr Obama is due to arrive and public is cheering when Khan shouts from the crowd ; Mr president my name is Khan and i am not a terrorist; when the guard get him thinking that he said he is a terrorist, in the mean time a camera crew record  and put his comment on the news where he says ‘ my name is khan and i am not a terrorist’ it takes the media’s attention and soon Khan is released with out any charges.

Mean while there is a Torrnedo on its way to hit the small town where Khan met the African woman. He hurries to the rescue of the town  where a group of camera crew  follows him and see him how he helps the devastated town. Soon he is on the news and again get the attention of the American public and the media of how a Muslim man came to help of a small American town where he spended less than 24 hours of his life. Soon the public and media gets behind him and soon he is back on his way to meet once again the president and tell him that he is not a terrorist.

This time he is successful and tells President Obama that he is a Muslim, he is not a terrorist and he lost his son because of it. Soon Obama tells the public that how courages is Khan and everyone else should be like him. When his wife hear  that on TV she is on her way to appologise to her husband Khan and never to live him again.

Khan becomes successful in order to tell the president and the world his message that he is a Muslim man he is not a terrorist. The whole idea of the movie is to tell everyone around the world that every Muslim man is not a terrorist and people should open their minds and eyes before they judge someone. Terrorists are people who doesn’t have a religion and who doesn’t care about any religion. Islam prohibited violence to the full specially against womans, children and innocent people. Islam is a religion of peace, prosperity and love. Because of some maniac it doesn’t mean that all Muslims are bad. Every group and every religion has bad and good. People should take a good look inside and out before they judge not with a closed eyes and ears. that makes the world a very dangerous place for everyone.


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