The beauty of Health & wellbeing

what is the beauty of health and wellbeing? How does it all begin? Why doesn’t people care about wellbeing? What can people to do achieve their health and wellbeing goals? These are the questions which i would like to discuses in this topic of my health and fitness blog. I hope you find it helpful and motivated to get you started with what ever health and wellbeing goals you may have in your life to achieve. And i would like to wish you all good luck.

First i want to explain what a beauty of health is and than we will carry on answering all the questions. Beauty of health is when someone  is healthy enough to be proud of their health. It is to be fit, active and social in their everyday life. It is when someone doesn’t attend a doctor everyday, who doesn’t take any medications or who is involved in some kind of sports or activities to keep them fit and healthy. When you exercise and consuming healthy food each day than you will be healthy and fit and when people are healthy and fit they are happy in their everyday lives, they have less stress, they think positive and are more social. Thats why i call the beauty of health and wellbeing, a beauty which a lot of people ignore and lose interest. I guess they haven’t seen its beauty and the feeling that comes with it.

It all begins with a little goal setting and than you are set up from there on. Everything starts from little and grows larger and larger as time passes. First with a small change in your everyday activities and build up on it, e.g. my goal for this week is to walk at the park for 30 minutes each day, keep up with the goal and set another goal for upcoming week. You will see results and the benefits that comes with it in no time. People often get to lazy to make the first move which is to set a goal. Once you do that stage the rest of it will be easy and enjoyable. You will love and enjoy each moment after that. So make a plan, set a goal and stick to it no matter how unmotivated you feel that day or how hot or cold the weather is. Just do it.

People often being too lazy, uneducated, unmotivated and unappreciated about why they don’t care about their health and wellbeing. laziness is one of the main objective here which stops people from taking a walk in the park or walking a few miters each day to be active and keep them selves happy and healthy. Technology is another reason which keep people away from reaching there goals. A lot of people which includes kids, teenagers and also adult to stay indoor and play game, be on the internet or watch TV. It is sad how people are choosing to go on the wrong path of life by not doing exercise and not being active. I think people in Australia doesn’t appreciate the resources that they have because in some countries governments doesn’t provides children or adults with parks, ovals and other sporting activities which we have, but still kids and teenagers in those countries get outside of their houses and keep them selves active and fit. Who will benefit from watching TV, or going on the internet or playing play station? of course not us, its the companies and cooperations which makes millions of dolors while we are put in a trap. We need to get out of houses and start using our parks and sporting resources to keep our selves active and healthy.

What can people do to achieve these goals? It is not hard to get started but need a little bit of courage and motivation. As i said in the previous paragraph people needs to give up their play time with TV, internet and X Box gaming. People need to join sporting clubs and organisations, use the parks and beaches that we are lucky enough to have. parents should allocate times for their children to go outside and play and to play game at home and serve the internet. Parents should go for a run with their whole family at the local park or get a gym membership if they dont like going outside. There are a lot of ways which people can do to change their life and bring more happiness and wellbeing. Start small and finish big. Its never too late to start to achieve your health and fitness goal, because a healthy living is the beauty of life.

Zak Hussaini

(CEO Zak’s Personal Training) Adelaide South Australia


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