Sometimes life can be harsh

Sometimes life is hard to live, but still people try to live it. although there are others who choose not to live when life get too hard on them. Its amazing how human brain and body works, every individual think and act differently, no wonder why scientists call it the most perfect and inelegant piece of engineering known to us human beings. Every seconds thousands of thoughts goes through our nerves system, every move we make hundreds of muscles moves and everything we do affects our whole systems. Anyways lets come to the point of why life can get hard sometimes, what trigger it, how do we prevent it and who can prevent it.

first i want to explain why life get hard sometimes? There are a few factors which make life harder for an individual or a group of people to live their life as happy as they should, these includes things such as family conflicts like divorce and sap ration of two partners which can be a very stressful time in someone’s life, wars such as civil war, gangs, and other kinds of conflict which makes people displaced and put them in more hardship. conflict  in a community such as two different races or religions, and there are other factors such as poverty, injustice, crimes and such things which can lead to a hard life or living.

It is hard to say if you can prevent them all from happening, but there are things which you can prevent and stop from happening in the first place so it doesn’t lead to a life of hardship. Things such as poverty, everyone should work hard even the government to prevent poverty, create jobs, and role models for people of the country and community to follow and to get busy. Inform people of the different view and religion to accept and understand each other and to be united despite their race, color and religion.

A few years ago a friend of mine was unhappy with his life because his parents were not treating him the way he wanted to be treated. There was a lot of violence and injustice towards him and he wanted to be a fair part of the family and there was no one to accept him. He was not aloud to go out, have friends, eat out, and talk to people on the phone. His life was at absolute crisis and he didn’t want any more of this life. He called me one day and said Zak, what would u do if this things were happening with you? I stopped for a second, because i had no answer for him. My answer was to kill my self and make my self free of this trouble things which was happening to me, but i didn’t said that, because i didn’t want him to end his life, there are always other ways you can do things and prevent things from happening. So i paused for a second and told him to don’t be stupid, you dont run from trouble, instead sit there and solve it, go the harder way and let the future be bright as the sun shine.  I told him to fight your family back, but not with guns and knifes but with words and explaining and understanding each other, maybe they dont understand you or you dont understand them. He said OK days went pass and didn’t heard from him, got worried and called him up. He answered, i asked him how he was, and he replayed “thanks Zak, i used your method of understanding and its working but slowly”.  Thats how he got saved from harming himself and now him and his family is living happily since than.

What i meant by this story was that life always get harsh in one or another ways from time to times, but you do not give up easily, you do not give up without a fight, you do not give up without knowing the reason why its happening and how can i stop it from happening. There are methods and way which you can prevent it at first place, things which can help stop it before you can do any harm to your self or others. Always talk to someone, someone close to you, someone who can understand you i am sure there is one person in your life who can and will understand you. Don’t let this  harsh life keep you under his feet, fight it with all your will and power.


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