My journey through my Personal Training course

Its been nearly 3 months since i started my Personal Training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness and it has been an amazing journey for me. Lets talk about how i even thought about going into fitness industry at first. 1 year ago on a cold day of september walking up and down Runddle Malll i saw a guy standing with flyers in his hands, and a big board which say “Free fitness” i thought it sounded interesting, so i went to him, he introduced him self as James and asked me if i wanted to do a week of free fitness training at Fitness First? i said ok. So i went into the gym the next day and he showed me around and i signed a paper which said from this date on for one week  i can use the gym for free. after a week one day late  i came in and wanted to cancel my membership but because i was late one day they told me that i can’t cancel it, so i had to pay for 12 month wither i use the gym or not.

At first i was quite angry for what happened and for a few days i didn’t even come to gym. After a deep thought i said to my self, they will take the money out of my account even if i dont go, so its better to be smart and use the time, so i started going to gym, being shy and a beginer makes everything hard to focus and to workout, besides i had no idea about how to work out, what to use or how to use them. I started coming everyday, looking around me how people worked out, and seeing all the personal trainers training people i got some ideas as days and weeks went by.

It was than when i really liked coming to the gym and working out, it made me feel good, gave me confidant and friends talked about the result i was getting. I started working hard, exploring into the industry more and it was than when i started thinking about getting into fitness industry, being a Personal Trainer. One day i picked the phone and made the courage to call AIF and ask them about the course. I went in one day and enrolled and started my course.

Its nearly the end of the course, i still go to gym and i fall in love with fitness industry more and more each day as i explore more about the benefit it has as health wise or career wise and enjoy the time being in the gym and making new friends and meeting new people. It feels like im nearly on top of the world and full fill my desire towards fitness. Its time now to get a job as PT and start changing people’s lives as obesity and fatness starting to grow in our communities. My mission is to help people so they can help them selves, having a better, healthier and active life is not less than having a room full of treasures, because health is the most important thing in life.



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