What is life

Do you sometimes wonder what is life? I am sure everyone wonders at some stages of their lives, for some its an everyday task to question her/him self what is life. It can be answered in a simple way by a child or can be discussed in detail by an expert. But the two answer will have a different meaning and understanding. If you ask a child what is life, he would probably answer, life is living, which i tried to ask some of the younger children in my circle of family and they came up with that answer, and it is quite true, life is living and that is the best answer that you can get from a child as far as i know.  If you ask an expert (Biologist) about what life is, he will answer in a ten pages full detail document. Now, everyone is not as good as experts, everyone doesn’t have the time to go all through the 10 pages detailed explanation and neither will anyone be interested. What people want is a very simple, brief but on point description of what life is.

Life is a hard word to explain, even the biologist who spend their whole lives in studying what life is, where does it come from, how did it started an so on have a hard time to come up with an exact and 100% correct answer for this question. But according to experts who study life and living things describes life as;

  • a characteristic state or mode of living; “social life”; “city life”; “real life”
  • the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities; “he could no longer cope with the complexities of life”
  • the course of existence of an individual; the actions and events that occur in living;
  • animation: the condition of living or the state of being alive; “while there’s life there’s hope”; “life depends on many chemical and physical processes”
  • the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death); “the battery had a short life”; “he lived a long and happy life”
  • the period from the present until death; “he appointed himself emperor for life”
  • a living person; “his heroism saved a life”
  • liveliness: animation and energy in action or expression; “it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it”
  • living things collectively; “the oceans are teeming with life”
  • the organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones; “there is no life on the moon”
  • biography: an account of the series of events making up a person’s life

What ever lives on planet Earth is living creature and they lives, and i guess you have a good and simple understanding about what life is and what is it all about. If you want to know what life is in simple way than this is what i think about life. Life is an everyday living, life is what an everyday person and living creatures does, life work, life is what goes around you and most importantly life is when you breathing, thats why you are alive and still breathing, that is life. In another word life the time of a person or an organism which lives on the planet earth from the day they open eyes into this world or universe until the day they closes their eyes, die and leave this planet for ever and ever.

There is another explanation from religious gurus who says life is a journey which leads to GOD (ALLAH). We all have a purpose and responsibility to serve in this world before going to GOD and let him decide if we completed our responsibility or not, if we were good citizen of the earth or not, how much goods have we done and how much bad things have we done, its all going to be explained to us and then will be decided if we go to Heaven or Hell. According  to these people there are rules which needs to be followed for us to be considered as good citizen of  this planet or not. God’s rules are simple according to them, Love, Peace, live and treat everyone with kind heart. Not everyone these day does it do they?……

There are Billions of people around the world who believes in these prophesies, who believes in heaven and hell, who believes there is a God who created the world and will end it too. But there are others who simply don’t believe and neither do they want to believe. You want to ask me these questions? yes i believe in God and i am trying to be a good citizen of this world, trying to live and let others to live their life peacefully. That is my mission and hope everyone else choose it too.


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