Is there God, or did we create one?

Is god real or did us human created him as part of our old ideology? It is hard to answer, because there is a clash between science and religion. Religion belives there is an almighty god who created the whole world and what ever is in it, there will be an end to this world, there will be judgment day where good will be seprated from bad, heaven and hell will be there. But Science belives that there is no god, everything in the world is created from some sort of small organism and creature and in millions of years we turned into human beings, now scientists belives us humans used to be monkey a few million years ago and slowly some of the mokey’s brain developed and slowly us monkeys started to think in became creative and smarter than the rest of our tribe which to this day is left as monkey. It true how around 85% of our DNA matches the monkey’s DNA but that doesn’t prove 100% if that is correct. This is why i alway wonder which one is right, which one should we belive and who to trust the Religoius freaks or the mad scientist. Lets discusse it and find out.

Some belives that religion was created by people who used to be a little smarter than the rest of the community and spread the word around, by showing magic and other kinds of tricks which people of those days was less smarter than we are now, and they belived what they saw and what they heard. People used to have a raugh time in their lives, anyone with a good knowledge, good thinking, good ideas for the people of that country and good reasons to support their saying would be successful in what ever they would have wanted. During that time i mean before Christ and those before him had a live which no one in todays age would have wanted, there was blood shed all around, people used to fight each other to get land and other kinds of belongings, people would do anything to save their families and have a good life, in there somewhere there was a wise, smart and thinking man who would tell people that there is a god, a creater who created us, im his messenger and i have a message for you all, to stop blood shed and fighting and live in peace or you will all burn in fire of hell, because there will be a resurection day, a day where you all will be judged based on  your cructor and what you did during your life time. That word would spread around further and further each day and more and more people would believe in all these and believe that there is a creater of us, a god and we shouldn’t be killing each other and we should be nicer to each other. Some people of todays generation belives thats how it all started and God was created, and since then humanity kept beliving in God, heave and hell, angel and devil and end of the world a resurection day, the day of judgment.

There are others who strongly belive in God, earth, heave and hell, angel and devil and so on and of course with a good reason and support their belives in what they are saying. These people says that there is God, heaven and hell and end of the day because we were all created by that god and are all his creation who is to pray for him. Why do they say they are so certain? because some of them talks to god, a messenger to people, some belives that they can talk to the dead and the dead has told them that its all true, there is god, heave and hell and a judgment day.

No body knows who is right and who is wrong. Everyone just believes in what they belive is right. When there is a crisses we call God for help and when there is a happiness in our life we dont share it with god, we think that we dont need his help anymore. People only knows god when there is somthing very bad about to happen in their lives. The rest of the time, God doesn’t even exist. Today more and more people follows and belives in science and scientists than they belive in god. More people tend to get support from medical science because it can cure them and help them when theire is a need, because god tend not to answer while people lose their loved once or their belongings.

But as we can see there are more natural disasters and natural phenomenon occourse around the world and alot of people tend to come back and ask god for help. More people start to belive in God and end of the day and more people starting to think that there is a god and we should follow the lead who can save us from disasters.

I always think about God, human, universe and what lives in it, asides from us human and what we have on earth, talking about creatures that we havn’t even faced yet and havn’t discovered yet. As i start thinking and thinking for hours and i get no where, there is no end to what leads to god, and creation of this universe and how it was all created, what is the reason when will be the end of our time. But personally i belive there is god and there will be one day when this world will come to the end. Wether its a natural disaster or a man mad disaster, but there will be a disaster and that will be the end of time for all human kind on this planet, than it will be the judgment day, a day which all of us been waiting for centuries and centuries. But the big questions is, WHEN WILL IT COME?

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  1. u know theres a possibility in my opinon that there are many planets out there that are capable of doing what human cant do, in terms of technology and discovery. There must be a planet which has existed long before earth. Imagine only a million years ago there were no technology on earth, and imagine that theres other planet is a million years older than earth, imagine what they could come up with. These creatures of other planets may have the knowledge to create organism and put them on a planet and leave them to develope on their own. This might be an experiment for this creature and earth maybe the independent variable. Theres always UFO sightings, this may actually be the creater of earth observing the work that their ancestors has done. We can go to the moon but we aint advance enough to explore further. Maybe one day we will. Oh btw i think dinosaurs was a mistake on earth because they were too big and with this creature around their domination on earth would not develope to an extend that human would so it was destroyed by a metroid or sumthin on purpose, anywho in saying this i do not believe in what im saying at ALL nor do i want anyone to believe it but there is a POSSIBILITY which is outrageous lol. keep up the post!

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