living life day by day

People say life was alot tougher out there during the 18th and 19th century, where there was less technological advancment in the world, there was less population, less economic crisses, more food and more farmers growing more food. There was less people sitting at their chair on a 26th level of a high rise building and more people out there working in the field. There was no cars for people to travel around, instead people used to walk for miles each day, it was good people was more active, fitter and healtheir than what we are now. Their was no worrying about green house gas and global warming back than, because there was no green house gas around, well not on a big scale like todays industrial age.

Where now a days there are all sorts of worrying, panics and stress in life people living day by day. There is no such person who lives without worry, even a millionar who got alot of money is worried about where to invest their money to get more profite and less lost, big companies worry about how to increase their productivities, low class families worry about how to survive day by day without charaties and government hand outs, and high class families alway think about which new model car they should buy, where should they buy another house and how they going to make their money even more. So as you can see there are lots of disadvantages in the way people live today.

Of course we have improved the way where we live like nicer houses, better communication networks, transporting passengers and goods from one place to another doesn’t takes days to deliver like old days, most people are health freak now by caring about them selves, our health professional is more aware of disease and diagnostic procedures, in some way people of this century is becoming more smarter than their ancesters. In some ways our lives and living has improved for good, but there are lots of otherways which we going backward instead of going forward.

life is hard for a lot of people around the world, but there are people who makes everyonce life one degree harder than they already are. For example some of the world political leaders, e.g Bush who goes into countries and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the name of democracy, but in actuall they have something else in my. Economic a taugh one because as you saw the global recesion took place in the past few month, it affect alot of people, some lost their houses because they couldn’t afford to pay the morgage, some lost their jobs because the company couldn’t make any profite, some get paid less and even some lost their life because life was alot taugher on them and their families, life had no meaning for them anymore.

It is amazing how the world used to work 100 years ago and how it works now. Back than countries were less dependent on each other and the world was less globalised unlike today, the world is becoming more and more globalised based world, each country and economic depends on another and each leaders depends on each other in support and help. If one economy clapses so does the rest of the world. For example China and USA has the biggest economies in the world and have ties and economic relation with all countries, and if their economies slow down so does the rest of the world’s economy.

Millions of people just live their life day by day on less than $1 a day, but they are as happy as a millionar, but there are people who rode $100,000 cars, multimillion homes but they still want more and are not happy with the way the llive, they want to be richy rich not just rich. As rich as you get the more stress you get in your life. My point here is not that i m telling people not to get rich, but be happy the way you are.

Anyways i wanted to make apoint by telling how there are alot of poor people live on this planet, but there are riches who dont care about what goes around outside their multimillion dollar banglo. I think they should be more considered about everyone in the world not just them selves, because how the oldies used to say ” the world turns around every dog has their days” there will be one day that the poor will become rich and the rich will be poor.


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