What if i was to be a billionar? Waww i can’t belive im actually saying that. Easy as a peace of cake to say it, but takes time, courage, motivation and succrifices to actually become one. To be a billionar is one of the most hardest thing you can do in life, if you wana do by working, of course no robbing banks and oil tankers off the cost of Samalia other wise you can get rich quicker. Millions of people world wide try to change their fortune to become a millionar by putting money on a horse racing bet, playing black jack at the casino or buying expensive lottery ticket.  Out of 99% only 1% wins less than $100,000 , so what it means is that the chances of becoming a millionar by doing this things is as slim as one of those womans in the American next top model show, which they are as slim as nothing.

I dont know why, but they past few months i feel like its my lucky time or should i say my lucky year, the year is nearly over but my lucky time is still wondering some where in a distance. A few months ago i bought a lottery ticket with a strong feeling that i would win my share of $30 million, but after a few days of wait it turned out not to be my lucky time, so i didn’t win anything, but there were to lucky people who won $10 million each. Some times luck and gambel does cruel things.

There are millions of people around the world who always ask this question, What if ? but out of those millions only a few actually think about the H question, HOW ? people ask what if i was a president, what if i was manager of a company, what if i was a stock broker, what if i was, things that some would never imagine. Just like my self, i always ask the same question, what if ?….

Every night i go to bed, before i fall a sleep i imagine things, things out of my reach, things such as having 10 houses and 10 cars and being able to travel every single day all around the world, geting up every morning in a different city and country, testing different food each day and having alot of money. Thinking of such things i go to sleep happy and peacfully, not like some people who goes to bed thinking and worrying about what will they do tommarrow, how will they pay the bills or how will they get their kids to skool. I wana keep my mind and body fresh up when i get up in the morning. Dreaming is not a bad thing, the truth is that people become somthing from dreaming, when people start dreaming about it, they will think about how to fulfill their dreams, how to make that dream come true. So dream and make it happen, dont just sit on your ass and dream all day with out taking an action.

If you are wondering what my dream is and what is my what IF question. I always say what if i was a successful person in live who could support and raise a family and who could have some respect within family and friends, and that is my dream, to be succsessful in life. I dnt wana be a billionar neither do i need 10 house and 5 cars, i just need a perfect life not a billionar’s life.

What if? i could become a pilot to be able to go fast and high, i can be but i have to start moving towards it..Becoming a pilot is one of my dreams. If life give me a chance i will fullfil it.


3 Responses to “WHAT IF?”

  1. Hey Zak you will be a successful person INSHALLAH and your dream will come true.

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