Just another sunday

Home sweet home, room sweet room. A room inside the home, samething. Home is a place where you sit down and relax, take a deep breath and think about life, living, things you done and the outcomes. Home is a place where you feel comfortable, special and unique. A place where you are the king and the ruller. When people go on a trip and when they come back, they say its good to be back home. Its because home is special, there is no such place in the world like your own home.

You are reading this and wondering there must be somthing wrong with me. Well nothing is wrong with me, thats how i feel today and im just expressing my feeling here. I am a family person, i love family friends and the love that they have towards me. And it all starts from you own home and family, so hear out my story for the day.

Here i am sitting on my bed facing the window watching outside while typing this. Its cloudy and i can see a few rain drop on the window, i think it is going to rain soon, because the sky is dark. Normally on sundays at this time i would in my Personal Training class at Port Adelaide, but today i think its my lucky day to be at home early. Today we had a test and as soon as it was done, we were free to go, and i was one of the first few to exit from class, that makes me special…..i would say smarter then the rest of class.

I am doing personal training because i love being healthy, fit and active. I love working out and hitting the gym as much as i can during the week. Health and wellbeing is my first periority in life and i think it is very important to be fit, healthy and active. I believe if you are healthy and fit you will be able to do anything in life, or else you will be in hospital bed hearing a few rude and disrespecting words from nurses, how do i know? because i been to one, and belive me you dont want to be in a hospital, the worst place to be in.

Acording to Australian Health Department 1 in 4 Australian childrens are over weight and nearly 2 million of the Australian population is obis or over weight which is really bad for a country with such a small population of just over 20 million people. I want to be one of the health one not the obis and fat people, thats why i choose to do work out and keep my self fit and active rather than sitting at home infront of TV and watch simpsoon.

Anyways, lets talk about my sunday. Its back sunny and beautiful outside, amazing how nature can transform its self in not time. Mum is just cooking something which smells strong and yummy, can’t wait till its cooked, i am actually starving right now. its been a good day so far, relaxing besides that morning session PT which i had, and that was fun as well cause we had to get into groups and teach others how to work out, what kind of exercise you do and which one works better for which part of body. I just love it all, specially the practice part of it. I can’t wait till i get my Cert IV in Personal Training and get a job. Its going to be the best day of my life. I love this job. 1 you are helping people to get what they want a good healthy life style and 2 you do what you love and you get paid and keep your self fit and healthy at same time. Not like some people who spend everyday behind a desk and by the end of the day they stuck a few kg to their body.

well its been a pleasure talking here. i love it here, because you can write what ever you feel like, your opinion, experience, knowledge and advice and a great place to catch up and find out about other particepants……..

See you untill next time. God be with you


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