What is happening in Afghanistan???

September 11, 2001, a day which will be remembered by most of the world’s population specially by the country which faced that tragic day. September 11 changed everyone in the world, it changed the way people was thinking and the way people thought about the world and people living in it.

One of the big changes which occured since then was that America declared a war on terror, which many Muslims think it as a war on muslim and muslim countries. Because US started their war against terror in all muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since the September 11 incident and the start of war against terror thousands of people mainly woman and children has died, houses has been destroyed, millions of people has been dislocated and more thousands of people lost their loved one. September 11 certainly changed the lives of so many people on both sides, the insurgents and the thousands of American sons who gave their lifes to defend insurgency and terror.

I was watching the Press TV news a few minutes ago and they were talking about the 8th univarsary of the september 11. In this day i know there are alot of people who feel the pain the lost that they had on that tragic day, and there are families who feels the pain for those who lost their lives to defend and stop that kind of terror from happening again which took the so many innocient lives.

Since the start of the war in Afghanistan US spended billions of American tax payer’s money to stop the terror and to rebuild Afghanistan as democratic country after 25 years of civil war which torned the country apart. Eight years passed but today there is no big improvements in the country. Each day hundreds of innocient people dies just like old days of civil war as a result of miscommunication, misinterpretation, misjudgement and lack of care by the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. There is no investigation, no report of what and why it happens, no formal apology to the families of those killed and no care of where and when attacking or bombing an area packed with civilians. Lives are so cheap in Afghanistan. People dies everyday just as when you go to a butcher shop seeing hundreds of sheeps get killed in a few minutes. It seems like Afghanistan is a butcher shop and the US forces are like a butcher who kills hundreds of people in a matter of a minute.

As i was watching the Press TV News, the report was saying about how alot of the American politicean who believes that out of the billions of aid which is meant to go towards rebuilding Afghanistan instead goes missing and doesn’t get to the country, alot of weaponary trackes goes missing during delevering them to US forces, which makes alot of sence. One of the congressman even said that he belives that some of that money even goes to aid Taliban which in return keeps the US troops busy killing inocient people in their untargeted raids. Some of the US departments puting money towards aiding Taliban actually makes sence because American needs to show their power to the developing super powers such as China and Russia to send them a signal that im still the super power who can get as close as behind your doors. So if you make any noices, i open the door and shoot you to death. Also America needs to present in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and so on, it is because of the rising powers with in this continent, countries such as Russia, china and Iran who are and will be a threat to US existance and the super power that US has been the past years.

Anyway lets come to the main point of why Afghanistan is going backward rather then improving? It well known to the world of politics and i have a strong belive that the Afghan government is a crupt and disgrace one. Kazai’s government took all the aid money which meant to go towards development  of the country they spend it on their own laxury life them selves. Big houses, expensive cars, big parties for them and their family members and security guards 24/7 all around them and their houses and every where they go. These all costs millions of dollors which they spend out of the aid money which meant to go for poor and redevelopment of the country. I believe as long as Afghanistan have such a corrupt government, with US having a nonsence strategy towards redevelopment and peace in that country, nothing good will come out of these fighting and spending billions of dollors which most of them end up in the hands of wrong people.

Meanwhile with the current US and Nato strategy of war and development the future of Afghanistan looks as dark as a night with no light. Instead hundreds of thousands of inocient lives will be lost on both US and Afghani civilian dies each and everyday.



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