Middle East and Peace

Middle East’s peace process is going and taking for ever. I feel sorry for the Palestinian people, specially Gazans who lives life under threat everyday. Countries are travelling from and to Mars and space, but the poor people of Palestine is still living under the rabbel and doesn’t know what the hell is going out side their countries, the advancement, the technology and the development of the world. It is sad how Israil is treating them. I guess its quite obviouse to be treated if you have nothing to defend your self or have no pack up and friends.

According to the history of the middle east Palastine belongs where it is now, as a matter of fact it was alot bigger in size then it is today. Since America backed Jewish and let them to stay and build houses in the middle east, Israil soon started to expand its citizens and developments. America provided with weapons, finance, economic and other kinds of aid for Israil to defeat the Arabs and make a home for them selves.

Some times i think about what Hitler did to Jews in world war II, getting rid of them from Europe. Jews are a very erogant kind of people and i think Hitler knew about that, thats why he wanted to kill them all. He should have done it. What Jews does today to Palastainian people is a an act of cruelty, inhumanity, brutuality and an act of crime, and they are doing what Hitler did to them in Europe.

Israil started a war with a Hamaz in Gaza strip and killed thousands of innocient people, mainly woman in children, used a weapon which was baned under UN Act not to be used in a civilian area and developing and expanding their setlement which is unlawful and is being build on an area where it belongs to Palastinan people. Last year Israel attacked UN compounds and food agencies in Gaza as well as Hospitals, Universities and Museum which is unlawful and a crime agains a poor society of humans.

My question is that why the world organisations or United Nation and the other countries doesn’t do enough to stop this asaults on the life of the Gazans. Why the world is so quite about the whole thing? I guess because its Israel, an allied of the US, thats why no one cares and no one can say anything, unless US let them. When there is an American or British citizen is killed in some countries there is countless enquiries and investigations, even that they can fly their jets and bomb a country and can kill hundreds of thousands of people, but no one cares about Gazans, It is sad. Maybe a hundred people got killed in world trade centres, and what US and its allies did was that they killed 100 times more people then that in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq as an excuse of war against AL Qaida and Taliban. But In Gaza Israel killed thousands of people and no one did nothing about it. Stil despite having been told by UN that Israel should stop its development plan on Palastinian land, still they keep going on to build houses and roads on another people’s terrotory, and then they talk about peacce plan. Dont you think it hurts for some one if you get in to their house and build your own house, like Israel is doing now with Palastinian land. This peace wont work, not now and not for ever.

There should be a full investigation of the war on Gaza, murdering of woman and children by Israel, using a weapon that was baned by UN in civilian areas and bombing UN compounds and other non military building like hospital and museums and so on. All activities and development plan by Israel on Palastinian lands should be stoped and all the land should be given back to the Palastinians back with out any questions also those lands which were taken over in the Arab and Israeli war in 1946-47. Israel can’t not have peace in the middle of an Arab land and muslim world without giving back what doesn’t belongs to them and then they can talk about piece.


2 Responses to “Middle East and Peace”

  1. The Center Square Says:

    There are so many things wrong here, I wouldn’t know where to begin.


    • zak4eva Says:

      yes indeed there are lots of things going wrong there. That was just a brief opinion of my self about Middle East and peace. Thanx for the comment any way.

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