Story of kate and Zeeshan (Shan)

Dande a small town with a population of five thousand people in the outskirts of an outrages country called Koombalia. Koombalia is a country with population over fifty million people some as rich as Donalds Trump and some as poor as a hungry lion in a jungle without even any crowling insects. Koombalia its self is a great country, beautiful mountians, green valleies, loads of fresh spring water, a great landscape and a very welcoming and kind people. Not alot of the foreigners goes to Koombalia, because not many people knows how beautiful it is to be there, only some lucky people get to see that beautiful part of the world. As some of the residents says “Koombalia is the dimond of the planet earth”, to my experience, it is quite true and one have to see to blieve why these people say its the dimond of earth.

Kate a fifteen year old girl lives in the town of Dandey. Kate is from a rich family who owns three factories, five million worth of house, the world’s best and modren cars, servents to clean the castle size house each day, the driver who takes kate to a private school and the things which she has only a few teenagers could even dream about them all. For Kate life is like heaven on earth, she have everything in life that she would ever wanted to have. Kate could ask for nothing more in life. Her life was perfect and she lived like a pricess in a white castle. A a result of being too wealthy, rich and powerful family in town Kate can not go out much, can’t socialise with other teenagers in the town and dont have many friends. Kate always study, play games, chat online and watch TV. Kate always feel lonley and alone, and she wants some friends. She always look out of her window other teen agers playing and socialising out side on the road and cafe’s across from the street. Some times she wonder why can’t she go, why can’t she just socialise like others. Kate’s father always tell kate that those kids in the street are poors, they dont have any life and thats why they are always sitting around and talking to each other, and Kate believed her father untill now.

As a result of Koombalia being a poor country it has alot of extremist groups who abducts, kills and robs people for money. I guess thats not wrong, a man can do anything when it comes to surviving the harsh life, killing and robbing can be nothing but a mean of how to survive. Kate always travel in a car with body guards and protectors to school and back home, because she is rich, she can be an easy target for extremist to get money from her rich dad. kate never get a chance to go to the shops or walk down the street like all the others in town.

One evening when Kate is coming back from school her car get blown up by a road side bomb. All her body guards and the driver get killed in the blast. Kate is unconciouse, but still alive and she knows that her car is blown a part by a road side bomb. She got blood all over her body, and wondering if its all her own blood. She touches her self for any wond or any part of her body being injured, but she can’t feel any pain. She can’t move or talk at all as a result of the big bang.

It is thursday 15 July 2004, 5.00 pm. Her arms and legs are tighten behind her back, laying on the floor of an old house where she can see alot of cattles and chickens. it is dirty, smelly and she is guessing far away from the town, because she can’t hear any one talking or any cars passing by. She tries to move and wonders where is she, why is she tight up and in is a place where no human would ever live, she thinks. But she can’t move, she call out for help and shout out very loudly and cry, but there is no one to hear her or come to her rescue. A man come in to the room and tell her to shut up and cooperate with them or they will kill her. he tell her not to make any more noices or she will die in a painful death. She is quit now, scared of what will happen to her if no one come to her rescue.

After two days another man open the door and bring her some food, rice with vegetable topping, he says eat it or you will die of hunger. Kate is hungry, never before experienced such hunger, who would in a wealthy family anyway? she eats the food in less then two minutes, licks the plat and clean it like she never had anything on this plate. She askes for more food, but the man said no, she askes if she will have dinner and luch, the man replays, maybe, she is still hungry and would eat two more plates like the one she just had. Night falls and darks cover the room, soon its dark that she can not see any thing but the moaning voice of the cattles and the chicken around her. She lays down and soon falls a sleep thinking about her nice bed, family and school and the food she used to have back at home.

9 o’clock in the morning she wakes up and still in that room, she shout out for food but gets no replay, she wait for a little bit and hears the door opens, it is a young boy around her age fifteen or sixteen, long hair, smilling face and very handsom. He brings the food and put infront of her, he smiles and says i am Zeeshan nice to meet you. Kate wonders how the hell is there a good man in this family of extremist who knows how to say hi and be nice. She says hi and start eating, she eats fast with out her hands washed or a fork, she is too hungry. Zeeshan sits infront of her and stare at her with a smile on his face while she is enjoy her meal. Kate turn around and askes Zeeshan why is he looking at her like that, Zeeshan you are gorgeous, i feel like sitting her and keep looking at you all day. Kate similes and says ‘ ya right, i feel like going home, but i can’t. Kate askes Zeeshan, where is this place, why is she here and when is she going back home, where is her dad?

Shan smiles and replays, this town is called Dori, no one lives in this town axcept my family, my uncles brought you here because they wants money from your father, and i have no idea about where you father is or when will the let you go home, but they wont let you go unless they are paid. Kate replays my dad will do anything to get me out of here, even if has to pay a million dollors. Shan smiles and says, well then you can go home soon i guess.

For a week Kate has been here and each day Zeeshan comes and brings her meals and for hours he sit with her and talk about everything. Shan is a a sixteen years old guy from a very poor background and no education. He is very nice, sweet and well manerd boy. Soon Kate likes him and his personality despite his uncles abducting her, she thinks its not his fault, instead she starts to be good friends with him. Everyday they sit there and talk for hours ank Kate tells Shan that when she get free he can come and visit her and they both can eat and play at their house, she tells Shan how big her house is and how she got everything.

Shan starts liking her and so does she, soon they starts having feeling about each other and starts sharing them and both falls in love with each other. Shan starts gathering information on about how to get her out of here, but without telling her. After two days of planing, Shan tell kate he got a suprise for her which he will tell her tonight, be ready. She is excited and can’t wait for Shan to surpise her, but she wonders what the suprise can be. She thinks that the suprise is her release and going home.

three o’clock in the morning and Kate is still awake, waiting for Shan. But then she smiles and talk to her self saying ” why would i wait for him, after all he is no one, he was probably joking with me, there is no suprise” she lays down and closes her eyes and tries to fall a sleep. A few minutes latter she hears tapping of shoe out side, she set up and look for the door, and there is Shan. He tells her harry up kate, we have to move now. He holds her hands and both are ouside the door running up hill towards the mountain. The next three hours they both runs up hill with out stoping, Shan is a village boy who is fast, feet, used to this mountian and knows the way around here, and there Kate who is like a doll, who neva walked or run this far before, unfeet and breathless. Kate sat down and says Shan, i can’t walk any further, i am all finished, my legs got no strenght. Shan pick her up on his back and walk fast towards the top of the hill which is a fifteen minutes fast walk.

Mean while back at kate’s house, everyone is worry, and waiting for Kate to come back. Kat’s dad is on the phone talking to the top police commisionar, local news agencies and friends and families about Kate’s missing. He even put a notice in the national and local news paper that if any body return his daughter save to him he will offer $10,000, thats alot of money in a poor country for such poor people who abducted his daughter. But still there is no news or information about kate.

Back at the abductor’s house, they wake up and find out that Shan and Kate is missing, quickly they start their cars, get their guns and follow the road to the main town, where they ask the locals and looks for them, but they dont get anything. They return back to the house and start tracing their foot prints towards the mountian and soon they are on horse back riding towards where kate and Shan is head, up to the mountian. The leader of the group which consist of ten people orders to shoot Shan and get the girl alive because of the money thats offered by her father. And offeres each person $100 if they find her alive and bring her back to him. They all spread out and start looking for them.

Shan and Kate reaches a big town where they sees big buildings, people, shops and alot of cars. They are both hungry and want to have something to eat, but they dont have any money to buy food. They walk slowly and stands in a shade in fron of a closed shop looking around them and thinking about how to get some food from somewhere. At the shop across the road a man is reading news paper and smoking, he reads the $10,000 offer for anyone who returns kate. Suddnely his eyes catches kate and Shan across the road, he looks at the picture and at Kate soon he find out that it is her.

He finishes his smoke, flick it away, put the news paper on a side and start walking toward them. He approcches them and says hi you guys look new in town, can i help you. Kate tell him how hungry they are but they dont have any money to buy. He says my name is Rad, come with me and i will get you some food, my house is just around the corner, com along. Rad is infront Shan and Kate is following him to his house where he order pizzas. While they are eating Rad is sitting on a table and holding a news paper, Say Oh my god, or you Kate? the millior’s daughter who offered $10,000 for your safe return?..i can’t believe my eyes seeing you infront of me, Hold on i will call your dad to pick you up. kate is all happy and feel joy and happyness, Kate; can i talk to him? Rad; No. This town is very dangerous, and alot of people can get their hands on you and take you away and demand for more money from you dad, so do not move untill i get back, i will be just five minutes, i am going to call your dad ok? Kate; yes, ok.

Meanwhile Kate and Zeeshan (Shan) are both hungry, tired and restless. They both eat their pizzas as fast as they can with no rest between each loaf as they take in their mouth. Kate is all happy and smilling and laughing while Shan feels sad, not because they are been found, because when Kate’s dad find out about this he will take Kate away and he will be able to see her again, maybe never ever again in his life.  As they both finishes their food Shan holds his hand under his chin on the table and start gazing at Kate and wonder what will happen when she is gona, how would i handle Kate leaving me? Kate tap on the hand and said, Whats wrong Shane? Shan, Nothing and smiles. Shan asks Kate! will i ever be able to see you again? or is this our last meeting and greeting? I can’t believe you are going to go soon, it is the happiest time of my life being with you, feels like i know you for years and years and now suddenly you are about to disapear from my eyes, it feels like i am dreaming it. I wish i could stop the time right here and spend the rest of my life looking and talking to you. And then he smiles and noded his head and goes, maybe i should stop dreaming and come to reality. Neither can i stop time and niether we will be together. How stupid am i thinking about all this and tears coming off his eyes.

Kate holds his hands and says, Shan i never thought about life outside ma house and my life but since you came into my life, everything has changed. i am a different person now. Shane you mean alot to me. if i go back with you, i wont be able to survive even one day. You are in my mind and my heart and i will never be able to take you out and there will be no one to take your place. You dummy of course we will see each other, i will ask my dad if you can come an leave with us, then we can go to school together and have fun just as we are now. Dont worry baby we will always be together and there is no one and nothing in this world who can make us a part now. She hug Shan an both crying.

There is foot taping outside the door and Rud talking to another man. Door gets unlocked Rud infront and another three man right behind him all smiling and happy. Rud, Hey how are you two? did you enjoy your pizza? Shan, Yes we did thank you for your hospitality. Rud, No problem, after all i am not such a bad person and smiles. Kate, where is my dad? Rud, look im sorry but your dud didn’t come for securtity purposes but he send this men, his new guards to take you home. One of the man said, there is a car outside waiting for you princess, when you are ready we will take you to your dad. Kate, and what about Shan? Rud, he can’t go right now, but your dad will see him after, but right now you have to go home because your dad is reall worried about you. I will hold on to Shan and you and your dad can come later on and take him home or what ever you want, ok? Kate look at Shan and he tell her to go to your Dad, I will be fine, you can come visit me when you are ready. They both hug and says their good bye to each other as Kate walk to a new black car out infron of the house, as she gets into the car she looks back at Shan and yall out ” i will be back for you Shan”, Shan smiles and yall back ok i will be waiting.

Kate is in the car with another 3 people who are believed to be Kate’s transporter, trasnporting her to her multibillionar dad. On one hand Kate is happy because finally after days living life in a stable and on the run she will be back home with her dad and have a normal life, but on the other hand she is still thinking about Shan and the things he did for her, the friendship that will be for ever and most importantly risking his life for her to rescue her. It is very quite in the car despite her and three other people being in the car and the car is moving in a very fast speed, faster then any other cars on the road. Kate, hey can you slow down? i dont want to die in a car crash. Driver, sorry i have to drive fast to get you home quicker, it was the instruction from your dad, just following orders. kate, fine, but becareful. The driver replay dont you worry little princess, you are in a very safe hand and smilles.

Suddenly the car go off the road into a little side street and on to a bumpy and dusty road, Kate askes the driver where is he going, he replays , it is a short cut a very shorter way to get home. dont worry i know the way you wont get lost the driver tells Kate.

to be continued


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  1. Nice story
    when is the rast of this coming because i want to wirte a response about this story

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