Sunday – A day off

Sunday the 7th days of the week, a day that alot of people get rest, play sport or go to an sporting activities and get ready for a new week that is coming for them, because monday is just like any other days of the week, work, school and so on. For some people sunday is fun day of the week, because they get a day off of what they do each day, spend time with their family and friend, but for some it is the boring day of the whole week, because apperently some people loves to go to work, study and do their everday activities rather then staying home and hearing all the complaints and thoughts from their family and childrens, like your wife is sick, you child need new cloths, there is no food, we dont have these things at home. Here i am sitting in my room listening to music (Rafta Fafta woh mere haste ka samma hogey), it is a nice song to listen when you are alon and no distruction and noices around you, because you can listen to it in a deep thought and understand the meaning and feel it inside your soul.

I saw a documentary on tv back  a while ago about music and and the human mind when they are about to give up on life and everything in between. The documentary stated that, music is part of sould and in a human’s life, music can make our mind clear of everything, from the everyday stress of our lives to a seriouse illness and stress related disease. In the documentary i also noticed doctors and physicians using music therapy as a mean to treat people with all kinda of illnesses. I think when you listen to music you forget everything else in life, just think about nothing and let your soul flow with the tune of  the music and your soul will soon be free from stress and every day distructions.

Anyways i was going to talk about my day, so far going fine. I meant to study for my exam which is on monday, but i feel like relaxing for a few hour before i start my study. It is nice weather ouside with the sun shining and not cold at all, i feel like going to the beach just to walk along the beach, but i have to study for my exam. Everytime i think of exams i foget every happiness in my life, everything good that will happen in that day, get depressed and so on.

A study showes that alot of the Uni students get into depression, obesity and some mental illness during their study at Uni because of the stress, presure and study load which they have to cope with. As a student at Uni i can say that it is quite true. I go through alot of stress during my assignments and now exam time. Stress can have great impact on our health and everyday lives.

Any ways its mid day 12 noon, my room is quite cold, it is alot warmer outside then inside. I would go and write outside if my laptop had enough battery life, just turned off a few minutes ago because it wasn’t connect to charge and run out batter life, i lost loads of my typed blog. My brother is kicking the boxing bage outside and it is really noisey, i bet the whole neibourhood can hear him smashing the bag lol. Looks like everyone is getting out of their houses now, i can see from my window kids at the park, people walking down the street and children shouting and screaming all around. Sometimes it feels better when you see people around, without them it is kind of boring, like a ghost town lol.

Any how, i feel like i have wrote down enough of my thoughts, No one on msn to talk to axcept one person who i barely know, but still she talk to me, well have a nice day and time for me to go and do some study if i can. take care and good bye

Zak H.


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