The tale of Zee & Tan

As time goes by my patients start geting impatient, my heart start beating faster and faster in my chest, my excitment keeps geting biger and the clocks keep going faster. Do you know how hard it is for someone to wait, for someone to come  or something to happen? Maybe you do know, because you waited for someone, maybe someone close to your heart, someone special or someone for whom waiting meant nothing, you would wait for this person your whole life or a million years untill that person come to you.

You wonder what the hell am i talking about here,  not to make you even more confuse soon i will get to my point, what i really want to say here, the reason why i turned on my laptop and start typing. It is to tell a story of two people who wants to become one, who wants to get to know each other and who wants to catch up. Of course this story is happening wright now, here in this city and at this time of the year. Some may call it a love story, some may call somethin thing else, but to me it seems a good story to tell.

Zee and Tan are the two characters in this story who lives about 40 to 50 killomiter apart on each side of the city. Zee is a very social person who is interested in meeting and greeting new people all around the world, specially in the city where he lives Adelaide. Zee got acounts with all the social networking websites like Bebo, facebook, myspace, twitter and where he talks to his friends and also meet new friends everyday. Social networking websites are one of the most common and relaiable places where todays generation specially young people make friends, meet each other from around the glob.

The time nearly 5 pm, Zee is in a cafe shop in the city where he go on the internet to check his emails and also to go on the socialising websites to view and replay to peopl’s comments and suggestions. is one of his favorite places where he hang out and chat to people, Zee browses through people’s pages to see who is interesting and who he would like to meet and talk to. Its then when he come a cross to Tan’s page and browse it and read her personal information, soon he likes Tan and her picture and send her a message which says “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. Zee wasn’t expecting a replay message so he went on to check his emails and went on to youtube where he watched some video.

twenty minutes later Zee visites again and sees a new message, he opens it and sees Tann’s message which says “Hi”, Zee is excited and smiling at the same time, because she just send just as simple message as zee sent her, just a hi. Zee replays and introduces him self and ask her a few questions like where do you live, and how old are you. Tan replays and soon they exchange their MSN and talks on there, they talk about each other’s likes, dislikes and everything in between.

There interests grows bigger to each other and they both talk about how hot and sexy they both are. Zee is as sweet as his talkes who makes women fall for him through his sweetness and his personality and the way he communicates with woman. I guess communication is one of the most important part of everyone’s lives these days, no relationship, no business or no meeting works hunder percent without positive communication. How do i know about it, because i am studying it. Any ways back to the story.

Tan is a shy girl who can’t really express her self and what she really want to say in an open conversation. Does she like Zee? yes she does, does she want to say that she loves Zee? I dont think so, because she can’t, she is shy. girls can’t express their love to a guy, so guys have to make the first move most of the times. One night while the two of them having conversation on msn, Zee askes Tan what does she do on friday? Tan replays nothing, Zee askes her if she want to catch up? Tan replays maybe, Zee laughs and says, you know maybe means yes? she smiles and replays back says, yes. Zee says, so i take it as a yes then? what are you doing this friday? Tan, what time? Zee sevenish, Tan, where? Zee Elder’s Park. Zee do you know where is that? Tan ummm Behind Casino? Zee Yes it is.

Meanwhile while they are both waiting for the friday to come, they both talk through sms and msn. Tan is being nagative about her appearance and the ways she looks, and thinks that Zee wont like her once he meet her, but to Zee she is a dimond, Zee likes her not because the way she looks but because her personality, smile and eyes, they are all killers, man hunter. lol. Zee keeps telling Tan that she is gorgeos and she is lovely, but still Tan can’t believe that she is going out with Zee. I guess some times negativity and negative thinking can let your life down and make you feel uncomfortable in life.

The story of Zee and Tan is to be continued, because meanwhile Tan is on a trip, untill she is back good bye.


2 Responses to “The tale of Zee & Tan”

  1. mohammad Says:

    that is the most beautiful story i have read in a while, in some way i am in this situation, but now you have showen me the path way to follow.
    keep writing this story espically the love story
    that for the lovely story

  2. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the trip lol

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