I lost her

20th Jan, 2009. its 10.00 Am, its crowded, noisy and smelly, of course smell of perfume. Im on a train going to city, i see school children chatin each other, girls looking at guys, business man reading the fall of stock exchange an me feeling really sleepy. From the station i get on the train to city, it is fifteen minutes ride, but still i feel sleepy and tired. I dont know why or how, even ipod doens’t help to keep me awake, i think i sleep better on the train then in my bed lol.


its 14 past 10am, i just got out of the city train station, its crowded, people are rushing in each direction, and im thinking it was much beter on the train then walkin along these street, its so rush, people aften get lost or which way to go. heheh thats not true, it is not that bad, but still its rush hour time.


17 past 10am, im standing at the trafic light, ready to cross the light to get to gym. You see i love working out, and having a good body and specially a good health, so every morning i travell half and hour to and nearly one hour back from gym. If thats not love then what is that.

Anyways, im at the light and this girl, light blond hair, light blue eyes, tight jens an a beautiful yellow head scarf around her neck standing right besides me listening to her Ipod. Her lips were moving, singing a song, i couldn’t understand her what she was singing but it felt like she was singing Britney Spears Womanizer, im saying that because i couldt read her lips saying “womaniser womaniser”, I see girls every day, i talk to them, but this girl was a totally different breed of girls, when my eyes got incontact with her, i forgot everything, there was only one thing i wanted to see and i wanted to hear and i wannted to have, that girl. I never seen anything like this before before, i stand up there looking at her but it sad that she didn’t noticed me at all, Â Â

Its 20 past 10am, im still standing at the light, but noticed there was no girl around and all new people standing around me, looking at me like im some kind of crazy begger beging. I know why, because i was standing there for at least 3 mintues looking over my shoulder at that girl, but there was no girl, so im guessing that i was looking at nothin which was obsured.


I went to the gym, coudlnt’ work out, from the moment i entered gym untill i walked out all i was thinking about was that girl at the trafic light.

Another day ended but with so much on my mind, whether i see this girl again or not, should i tell her how i feel about her or not, what should i tell her when i see her again all these thoughts running throuhg my head, i was really happy and excited about the whole thing.

Days went pass i caught the same train at the same time everyday the next 3 weeks in hoping to see her again. At the same station where she got the train i would get off my sit and look around and the two doors incase if i see her some where in the crowd, but no sign of her.

Even wrote a letter to give to her, in that letter i had expressed my self and how i felt about her and what would i gave her if she be a part of my life, i even thought about working hard to save money and go for a holiday, but i guess i wasn’t that lucky and some times i think that girl was an angel who thought me how can someone fall in love, a true love.

from that day on i never saw her again nearly 7 months pass on and still each day i catch the train and in hope of seeing her one more time, but that time isn’t there yet. Hope to see her again and tell her my feeling towards her.

End of the story


4 Responses to “I lost her”

  1. WOW man i realli like ur stories i hope u find ur girl u have been looking for till now and u should write a boook or sumthing u know ur realli gd at this and i love ur other one too “I WISH”dat one was my favrioute one loved it man

    tc man P.S looking forward to ur next one

  2. uuuuuuuu that girl i know her the one which has wight blond hair, light red eyes,
    loose jeans an a ugly yellow head scarf around her neck standing right besides me not listening what u r saying. no u don’t lost her she is somewhere for u to came=)

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