Why can’t there be peace???

Since the begining of the time when human had their feet on earth there always has been war, murder, killing and suffering in the world, just because of greed, selfishness and being the powerful of them all. Humans always does something which is selfish and they do it beacause of their greedy stomach. When Adam was sent to earth he was told not to eat from the forbiden apple guess, he did and today we fight for that stomach. His sons faught over femal, and because of that wel always fight each other. I guess it is that we are and have been weak from our roots, our ancisters was greedy, killer and murderer so are we, and thats how we always will be.

Today there are fights all over the world, in each continent there are some kinds of dispute happening wether it is on drug, freedom and right or power, one kills for their benefits, one kill for power, one kill to defend them selves and some just for enjoyments and fun. When can it all stop and when can we live in peace and harmoney like a human, because apprently humans got a brain to think about something, we are not animals and unthinkers.

An upto date example of murdering and killing is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each day dozens of people dies in those countries like you slater an animal, they are all innocient human being who want to be in peace and live their lifes. Humans life is so cheap and unwanted like they are old cars which needs to be crushed and recycled. Thousands of people have lost their loved once, a father, a mother a brother a son or a mother, we do not understand it, we do not feel the pain, we do not feel the suffering of those people, because we do not see it, it is not one of our own. Those people who have lost their loved once they know how it feels to lose a mother or a son, they know the suffering and the pain that involves with it. We should appreciate the kind of life style we have, the security we have, the food we eat and the family and friends we got all around as well and in smilling faces.

Why do they fight? Demoracy? Bullshit. freedom? bullshit, peace? bullshit, Power? of course, resources? of course, oil? 100%, to test their strenghth? of course. A country with no leader, no resource to defend themselves, no back up, no guts to stand up against in human acts, their lives are as cheaps a 5c coin to the western world, specially America. West does anything they want, and if someone asks, they respond; we are killing terrorists. Nothin will happen to them at all.

In 2001 after the 9/11 American killed hundred of thousands of civilians mostley children and women, because of the few thousand which was killed in world trade centre. That doesn’t give you the right to treat people so cheap, that for each person who was killed in world trade centre America killed a thousand, only for the name of Al Qaida and terrorist. That is not fear at all. America had the power to pinpoint Bin Lodon’s location and bomb it with a missail and kill him with him realising, but what america did was that they killed a few thousand civilians before even getting the real man.

In my opinion and so many other people now its known that world trade centre was just a propagand, an excuse and a plan for US to go to war in the Middle East. To politics a counties interest is worth while then a few hundred lives. According to the documentry which was made in 2006 by famouse and well known hollywood directors proves that America is the one who formed and created Taliban and Bin laden in Afghanistan inorder to defeat the Russians. America supported Taliban all the way, and when their job was done it was time to get ride of them, so they attacked world trade centre and put the blame on Bin Loden, a very easy and clean excuse. Bush senior and Bush jenior they both had close tighes with Bin Loden’s family all the way from the begining.

It was America who bombed trade centres and blamed Osama just to start their middle east campaine, to make sure China or Russian dont get to the oil first. I clearly remember that day when world trade centres were down, Osama said he didn’t not do it, he got no idea, but America still went after him and killed countless lives. Bush was a very good emotional speaker, get the people to believe him on everything he told th public. It wasn’t the American’s public fault, cause if it was me i would feel the same way, go and kill that bastard no matter what, even if you have to demolish a country and kill womans and children. Whe Bush was half way through in Afghanistan he linked Sadam Hussain to the terrorist list too, while Sadam had no connection with any terror group at all. Bush told he had neuclear bomb, send a team of investigater, still nothing was found, but America still attacked and killed counless lives despite the CIAs report which told Bush that Sadam was clear of any neuclear or connection with any terrorist group, but still Bush didn’t listen and went to war. Why beacause it wasn’t Sadam Hussain he was interested in, It was the oil whells that Iraq has.

Iran is one of the two countires in the world who have no tieghs with US and who hates US in any ways. US calls Iran Evil or acess of evil. The two countries had long tension between them since Iran’s revolution during Shah times. Since then the two countries cut any kind of tighs with each other. Iran is the only country which US has to bring under its control and US will have full control of the Middle East. Iran is the only hardliner who stands against US and call them the real terrorist. So its clear that America want to get closer to Iran wether its in a good way or inforce.

So Amrica wanted to get closer to Iran. Iran was the main point here for US, not Afghanistan or Iraq, they were only a steping stones to get to Iran. During Bush’s term in office he made a few attempts to attack Iran, because US could do that from all sides of Iran, but they wouldn’t be successful like they were in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iranians loves their country as much as they hates America, they would fight with bare hands to defeat US. American got smart here and didn’t no attack Iran, now Obama administration wants to create relationship with Iran not by war but by peace.

SORRY i got carried away with America war on terror and forgot the main topic, which is why can’t be there peace in the world. I made this point because as i mentioned earlier that people killes people for their own benefits, and this is a good example. US’s war on terror, a good excuse to get the oil feild, experement their technologies on cheap lives of other countries, Show their power and strenghths to the rest of the world like Russia and China, and show the world that America is still super power of the world. Killed millions of people for the sake of terror and Al Qaida. It was an is all plans, which normal citizen never think of it as real.

In conclusion i want to express my opinion and want to say that, human made war will never end, everywhere they go there will be killing and murder on the bases of power, supremecy right and so on. America wont be a super power for ever, others will rise and who knows what they will do in order to get they want. But as long as we humans lives on this planet we always fight each other and we always be thirsty of each others blood. This is how it is.

Public opinion welcome

By: Zak H.


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