Is there Alien and UFOs in our universe

Since i was a kid i always wondered about life, living, god, after death and other living creatures in our big and wide universe. I know as a kid everyone grows up with heroic power, batman and so on, but once grown up all these things will go away, it is something in the past, but with me all the things which i used to thing in the past came with me even if i am twenty one years of age.

One of the things which really bothers me now adays is UFOs and Aliens or extratresstrial. I always wondered if there are any? I believe there are other living things in our Univers maybe millions of milles aways from us, maybe in far far corner of our galaxies which we will never be able to go there even in the future. I believe humans are not the only living creatures living in these big wide universe, there are blanets as big as earth which may have water and sign of life, but we do not have 100% proof of it, so if thats possible then why can’t other living exist.

There are tones of video, documentaries, comments from professional like military sources, commercial pilots and individauls in the community. But alot of these are or can be fake or man made vidoes of ALien  or UFO site seeings. I do not know what to believe and which one to believe. On Youtube there are videos which proofes alien existance which is interviews with ex-military personal, pilots who chases ufos, scientists who works on projects for the government which works on find ufos and so on.

I had no idea about area 51 in the US which is a restricted area from the ground and air to the public. I found out that area 51 is the highest security place in the world, where the most top secret research and work is being under taken by the US government since 1950s. At first it was a research area for spy plan in early 1950s but since then other research has been going on which alot of people belives that government is research on alien and ufos, and how to get their advanced technology which human race hasn’t been able to produce yet. acording to some of the videos on Youtube and CNN, Fox News a few ex employee of the area 51 has broken their silience and talked to the public about what they do in area 51 and it is scary what they do. Poeple who works at area 51 are sworn to secresy and are told to never talk about their work to others not even to their famalies. Also people who works at area 51 are taken to the site blind folded and return to their homes the same way in a vechale with no windows. If a government does that then its quite for sure that there is something fishy going on around there.

Governments around the world relased documents about seing and having contacts with extratresstrials to the public. Its just the US who should release the information and documents they got untill the world believes and wake up to the reality which have been covered from them for the past decades. I think government doesn’t release the document to the public for one reason which is public anexity and fear. governments doesn’t want the public to fear untill they find out away to protect them and make them asure that they are safe and there is a plan if incase of an alien or ufo attack. Its just a matter of time before the whole world knows the truth about aliens exist and they are more powerful then us humans.

Alot of people knows that alien exists but there is something which bothers me here, it is why they do not attack us, why they do not formally get in contact with humans. Millions of years has passed and still nothing big. like a war or a take over of the earth or something. Some times i think they are alot smarter and well breed of soicity which does not want any sort of involvments with humans. They must be a very advanced technological society which lives in peace and horamoney with each other unlike us humans who always fight each other over something.

Some times fiction can get real, like 50 years ago who would thought that the technology that we have today could exist, no one i guess, only a few bright minded and futurist people may thought that future can more advanced, not the whole public. Some of the fiction movies which was filmed 40 years ago is becoming a reality now, and i think everything is possible.

For example in the movie “The day when earth stood still” when earth is dieing because of humans stupid activity from no where these breed of living creatures comes and who saves earth and make people relaise that earth is important and valuble to lose and humans should do everything to protect and save the planet. The movie is fake for now but it can be realistic in the future maybe 50 years from now. I think today still people doesn’t care about the earth and its future and alot of people think it is just a joke and nothing will happen.

I wrote this blog in order to find out that what the rest of the blogging community thing about the ufo and alien? is there alien exist, can they be real, do you thing they can be harm to human beings, when will know about the truth about them. Just wanted to know what your response is.

Its just my personal opinion and from the sources which i have seen and viewed in the past months.


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