I wish

Wish, a word so simple to say but with many people it wont become true. Each day millions of people wish for things, such as to become rich, more populare, get healthy, get a good life, to have somethin, to go some where or even to die. Some times people complain and says “god why dont you hear me and make my wish come true” if God had to make everyone’s wish come true, there would a world war 5, it would get ugly, everyone would get rich, people would kill someone, people would die and god knows what else would happen. Thats the reason not everyone’s wish comes true.

As an individual i always wish for everything, just like everyone else, for example i wish i was a millionar, i wish i had a perfect life, i wish i could be like that person, but the fact is that non of these will be granted to me just because im wishing for somthing. If you wana wish for somthing you have to get it for your self, because nothing falls from sky for you to make your wish come true. Once a rich person the name wich i can’t remember told me, ” son if you want something in life dont wish for it to come to you, dont wait for it, and dont ask for it  instead you make your move and get what you want in life and do it your self” it is true and those who make their move will get their wish, not those who wait for it to come to them.

A few years ago I was in the hospital with a very nasty illness, it is called TB or Tebercluses, dont know how i got it, dont know where i got it from, the only thing i knew that it was serious and killer. It all started with a headache for a week untill one moring when i woke up and find my self in a very bad condition. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk but i knew that something was wrong with me. I called one of my friend, he came home and tried to talk to me, but i wasn’t unable, so he called an Ambulance, they did the same thing, but still i couldn’t talk. I was trying but nothing would coming out of my mouth, i was silent like when your phone is ringing but there is no sound because it is on silent. They took me to Hospital and i was there for two months. During those 2 months everyday i wished for only one thing, and that was to get well, back on my feet and have a normal life, in return i would never do anything bad and always be pure, honest like an angel.

After two months when i was better, i found out that i had a little chance of survival and the Dr s worked so hard to save my life. I had twenty four hours to live untill the Dr found out what was wrong with me. Apperently Dr did every possible test to find out my symtoms, but they were unsuccesful, they gave up on me, untill one Dr did one final test which was my last chance of survival. He finally found out what was wrong with me and immidiatley diagnosed me and i was under 24 hourse care.

When i was finally out of  hospital i had to do tests and take medications for a year to make sure that the disease is completley gone out of my system and never to return back. When i was all beter, i made a promiss with god, and it was to be a nice person, helpful to others, kind hearted, respectful and understanding to never do anything wrong to anyone, because got granted my wish and gave a second chance to live. I guess i have a purpose to live and i hope that purpose is to help others and to be a roll model. Not as a celebraty but as a normal human being and as a person. So far i been good and helpful, respectful and a role model for my community and my friends. I never hurt people, never do anything to make people think that i am a moran.

My point here is that when it comes to becoming rich, have a beautiful wife, be a celebrety or to be the most famouse person in the world, never wish for it, because it wont happen, you have to go for it, follow your wish, make it come true by working hard, by facing the ugly things in life and have no fear. If it is about life and death, then  you ask god for help, wish for a second chance to live, just like i did and my wish was granted.


4 Responses to “I wish”

  1. It is very difficult to expect everything we like to happen to happen.
    Everyone of us has something in mind or many things in mind that he or
    she likes to happen. But on the contrary some might happen some might
    not happen anyways thank god u got well

  2. Wow, reading your article, you are so right

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