This is how i feel.

its Sunday evening 8pm. i am laying on my bed with my laptop on my stomach visiting all the social networking websites, eg Facebook, Bebo, Myspace and Tagged which i normally visit them every single day. I like making new friends and keep in touch with them as much as i can, because in todays high tech world it is more easier to find a friend online then going to the local pub and clubs to get drunk and be able to chat with someone, well i prefer online.

I have a lot of Uni work to catch up with, i have exams coming up and to be honest i am not ready for these exams. from tommorow on i have to study and get my self ready for mid year exam. I always hated exam but there is nothing i can do about it if i want to study and get result.

Last night me and my friend, we got drunk and went to Casino where my friend goes occasionally and wins loads of money, and he thought it was his lucky night. At the casino he played his poker and i set there watching people playing poker and other games. it was around 1.30am and i was getting tired and sleepy. I ran down stairs to the shop a cross from the road and got my self a bottle of water to keep me up and get rid of the alcohol in my body. I went back to casino stayed there for a while then went to Hungry Jacks to eat something because i was starving, after that we went to this club where the music was good and the girls were hot, we hang out there for a while and went home around 2.30am. It was a good night until i got to my friend’s house and i found out that he didn’t had a blanket for me. so i put the little heater which he had and a little blanket, the night was cold and i had to sleep on the sofa which was not really pleasant. Now i am really ready to go to bed.


4 Responses to “This is how i feel.”

  1. ummm u r being silly to

  2. after that we went to this club where the music was good and the girls were hot ummmmmm

    • zak4eva Says:

      I just went cause ma friend wanted to see whats going on, besides we were there for a lil while, then we got out and went home lol

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